Nintendo News #1 : Tears in Europe and Zelda in Full HD

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    From now on i'll be posting Nintendo news every week for those who didn't saw them or are being lazy to read them on other sites.
    Just to say that This won't be the full report of the news that were last week, just the one that i like and think that should be called ''news'', but ofc i'll try to put as much as possible info.

    1# European Etrian Odyssey 4 can be only played 3 times, blame Nintendo for that.
    2# SMT Soul Hackers Delayed in Europe(Slightly heh :P)
    3# Wind Waker HD in Full HD and Download size revealed
    4# New Pokemon Anime and a short clip of a Pokemon Wii U game (RUMOR)
    Pokemon Game Show Video
    Warning: Spoilers inside!