Nintendo Japan unveils NEW Classic Controller!

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    Nintendo Japan has revealed via its website a new iteration of the Classic Controller. Presumably to be sold alongside the current iteration of the controller, the ‘Classic Pro’ features the same design as the standard or “Amateur” Classic Controller has had its shoulder buttons re-jigged and features grips like a GameCube controller. Sadly it seems the controller is still corded, rumble-less and will most likely not work with GameCube games. The controller will be out in Japan in their summer.


    [​IMG] Im a little pissed as I just bought a classic controller like a month ago, ITS THE IPODS ALL OVER AGAIN! lol. But im seriously importing this from Japan when it becomes avaliable
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    Already posted like 2-3 days ago.
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    Only a few games work with the classic controller. So I'm wondering why they're releasing this new one. And what are they planning to do with those extra buttons, will there be games that will actually use them?
    And I see the cord is on top of the controller, the current classic controller has it on the bottom