Nintendo helped n-Space “unlock the extra power in the 3DS”

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    Sep 11, 2009

    n-Space has shared that, when working on Heroes of Ruin, “Nintendo helped unlock extra power in the 3DS”, which they could use “for multiplayer features”. The specifics of what that means remains unclear, but seeing as the game is so focused upon its online features, the more power dedicated to them, the better.

    There’s also mention of the “deep online aspects” of the game, although the only specific mention is of a companion website that will be designed with the 3DS’s browser in mind.

    http://www.gamereact...ros+de+n-Space/ - Not in English original source.

    Interesting, so there was more power under the hood to be utilised. Reading the original source if you understand Spanish, it basically confirms Nintendo did indeed unlock portions of the 2nd core/processor to developers.
  2. Shufflemac

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    n-space is terrible. What are they going to do with it? They're probably going to make another CoD DS game, just with grenade launchers this time.
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    ...Did you even read the actual post? CoD is not mentioned, at all.
    Also, AFAIK the DS CoD's were actually pretty great accomplishments graphic wise, can't say anything else due to not having played the series, just what I remember people saying and from what little gameplay I saw :V
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    Jun 24, 2010
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    I remember playing Geist, a game which I think they developed. I thought it was bad...but I felt that the developers at least tried really hard, if that makes any sense. It was a bad game that I had sympathy for. I hope this game will fare better.
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    Yes, I did. I could just easily see them using it for something else... like a CoD game. They had good graphics for the DS, I guess. But from the first one, to the new one, they just litteraly copied files, retextured them, gave some new voices, and a new storyline. A couple different guns were added too. Now that I think about it, it sounds just like the ones for PS3/360/PC.
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    Yeah I think n-Space only handles downports such as multiplatform games that go for the ds and wii ports, besides that Geist was pretty incredible and frustrating. It was unique but it had so many damn flaws. I really hope this game sells not because i like the game but because this is one of their few original works and this could be their chance to step it up.
  7. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    n-space make games on contract, so unless Activision wants a CoD game on 3ds, they won't make one.

    blame activision not n-space.
  8. Shufflemac

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    Oh, really? That's sucks, I'd hate to work under Activision. How are their other games?
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    I don't get why Nintendo decided to help N-Space, it's not like N-Space has ever made anything on the DS that was that impressive or even profitable.
    90% of the games they release are shovelware or CoD ports. I have high hopes for the game but why the decision to help these guys of all people?
    So did square ask this as a favor from Nintendo or something?
  10. Coto

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    Jun 4, 2010
    translation of the core /2nd processor portion of text:

    Q: "In order to squeeze the 3DS's features you guys must know the
    hardware inside pretty well.
    Recently, we've heard about Nintendo freeing up more resources and
    memory so you developers could take more advantage of it. Did you do it guys?
    (referring to devs)

    A: I don't know exactly when they did it, nor how specific I can be about it.
    However, some 3 or 4 months ago what they did was the ability to access portion
    of the 2nd CPU. Those extra cycles were quite helpful as we could take advantage of
    backgrounding updates, wireless connectivity and some multiplayer stuff.
    So, it's been useful


    The author writes about the VoIP technology being used up to 4 players and how can
    you join someone else's room even if your friend's playing solo "anytime, IRL" without the
    hussle of waiting, creating a room process, also, it takes advantage of streetpass and spotpass
    because of the amount of content (95.000+ weapon mixtures!) also the "Traders Network" which apparently
    will be available as StreetPass only.

    SpotPass will offer weekly updates and daily challenges. And they're designing a website accesable through
    3DS browser where you can see your overall progress, check profile, talk to friends, etc.

    About the Square & Nintendo thing, they claim they've been working closely with Square and Nintendo focusing on updates/online
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    Hannah Montana.

    Cause helping third parties is the rational thing to do. Also CoD on the DS I imagine was profitable as Activision continued publishing CoD on the platform.
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    That's the thing with some devs, they have to go where the work is and from what I hear Activision hardly give them that much time to work on a game, in fact I remember one of the ex-staff saying that they had to make Black Ops, GoldenEye DS & Bloodstone 007 DS all in the space of 6 months as they were under contract. Black Ops was a good quality game and Bloodstone 007 was actually pretty good...GoldenEye well it sucked but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

    They can make a good game with limited time though, and have done a lot better recently but I think the problem is that they take too many projects on for a small studio but then I guess they feel they have to so that they can get relationships with publishers for their own none licensed titles. In this economy I can't blame them, you have to take the crap to keep afloat, WayForward had to do the same and only in the last few years were they able to do more of their own stuff. I hope this game does well so that they can shake off the licensed games.

    I know they want to bring back Winter as well which looked like a promising Wii survival horror, there was talk about a Kickstarter thing so they can redo it for Wii U...personally I think 3DS would be better and more cost effective.

    I'd hardly call their titles "shovelware" they do the best with what they can do and little resources. Also they've work with Nintendo on some projects...uncredited and Nintendo seem to be looking at this game to promote the online aspects of the 3DS I think Nintendo are also releasing a headset to coincide with the release of it too.
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    Artist's impression:

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    When I saw the first few trailers for Heroes of Ruin, I thought the gameplay looked generic and boring. When they released the most recent trailer, however, the gameplay seemed much improved, and like it might be something I'd buy.

    Hopefully this supposed "unlocking" of the extra cpu will allow them to make the game that much better. I look forward to it's release in June.
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  15. TwinRetro

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    What's wrong with a company trying to improve their image and make a GOOD game for once? This actually looks pretty good. Hell, from the looks of it, it's already tons better than any other game they have released so far.
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    hmmm...What does the scouter say about his power level. It's..It's over n thousand!!!

    ...Well on-topic

    That pretty cool.
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    Jan 26, 2009
    I lol'd at the people bashing on why Nintendo is helping the little guys (n-Space). the reason just totally escapes me.