Nintendo Entertainment System - Screen burn in with CRT filter?

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  1. der:Tom

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    Oct 3, 2008
    First of all i´m using the layeredFS mod with extra roms but i think that doesn´t makes a difference to the official version.
    Yesterday i played about 20min tetris while using the crt-filter (looks pretty nice btw), after that i exited to menu and had a pretty visible and flickering "screen burn in" in the black background of the menu. You could clearly recognize it as the tetris screen, and the weird thing about this was the moment i started another game it was gone also on black screens, exiting back to menu and there it was again. Also it was just at the black parts of the menu, nowhere else not over the game pictures not over the buttons, only at the black parts.
    I turned the switch off then and waited a few minutes, booted back into menu it was still there but less intensiv, turned the switch off again for about an hour, back on and the burn-in effect was finally gone.

    Anyone experienced this with the new nes app? I turned crt- filter off for now cause i´m afraid it could be permanent next time...
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    Havent suffered this problem myself yet but its been widely discussed on the internet. Not good enough really for this to be an issue. Im sure there will be an official fix at some point.
  3. der:Tom

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    Oct 3, 2008
    I get the feeling it depends on what game you´re playing, if it´s smth with a constantly and completely changing screen or, like in my case tetris where 2/3 of the screen mostly stay static during the game.
    What really makes me wonder is why it´s just there while in OS menu but the moment you start another game (-> the black switch boot screen) it´s gone...:unsure:
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    This is known issue (because instead of a filter, it just super fast switches the "pixels" or whatever). It will go away after a while.
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    >He paid $20 to burn in his screen