Nintendo DS Lite Stereo Grip

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    Nintendo DS Lite Stereo Grip

    Manufacturers Website

    DS Lite Stereo Grip is a great way to get the best stereo sound from your game system. It features dual stereo speakers built into an ergonomically designed game handle for hours of crystal clear sound and increased comfort during gameplay.

    Looks interesting... has anyone had a chance to try this out?


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    Jan 14, 2007
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    Hmm....looks kinda interesting. Looks like it requires batteries, judging from the picture. That hopefully means they are amplified far beyond the dink-ball speakers in the DS itself.

    I have the Swing-Grips myself.


    They don't have any speakers in them, but they definitely raise the comfort level while playing. So I imagine that those Stereo Grips will at least do that well.

    (pic shows the my grips with the handles extended....I usually don't play it that way though)