Nintendo Direct Sept 4 Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch Port & Super Kirby Clash

Ready to see what Nintendo has up its sleeves for the rest of 2019? Settle in, and let's watch this month's Nintendo Direct together. The video will kick off soon, at 5 pm CT. Any and all announcements will be covered, live.

Live Coverage

Overwatch right off the bat, with no fanfare. Has motion controls through the gyroscope. Will launch on October 15th.
Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay. There's a pyramid inside of the hotel. A dance hall, pirate themed floor, as well.
New mode called ScreamPark, which is an 8 player local multiplayer mode. Again, launches on Halloween.
Free to start Kirby game for the Switch.
Super Kirby Clash.
Over 100 quests in a team-oriented Kirby RPG. Has local, wireless, or online play with up to 4 players, or can be played alone.
Launches today!
Trials of Mana launches April 24.
Return of the Obra Din gameplay trailer. Fall 2019.
Game Freak's Town has been renamed to Little Town Hero. You play as the main character, axe. You use ideas to fight. Strategy is very important. You can move your character around the map to get attack bonuses. Toby Fox of Undertale fame did the soundtrack. Launches Oct. 16.
Banjo Smash gameplay. Launches TODAY. Play as Banjo and Kazooie in Smash right after the Direct.
You'll be able to share dungeons with friends in Link's Awakening remake.
Dragon Quest XI launches on Sept 27, free demo right now.
Tokyo Mirage Sessions is coming to the Switch. The game will have some new story elements and music.
Deadly Premonition 2 gets a port.
Deadly Premonitions Origins launches today.
Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition. Will have cross save with the Steam version. Today.
Bethesda is making a special announcement...DOOM 64, getting a Switch port.
Rogue Company is a new IP from developer Hires. Is an online game. 2020.
Pokemon SwSh will have makeup, clothes, and hairstyle customizations.
Pokemon Camp is the new feature that lets you play with your Pokemon. You can visit friends' camps.
You'll be able to cook curry for your Pokemon using berries. It's like the Poffin minigame. Over 100 recipes.
Some more new Pokemon
Polteageist is a teapot Pokemon. Has weak armor for an ability.
Cramorant is flying and water. After using Surf, it gets a special attack.
Nintendo will release a special SNES controller that's wireless and USB-C. Will cost $30.00 for Nintendo Switch Online users.
Tetris 99 v2. Invictus. Will have a local multiplayer update. Available tomorrow. Gets a physical edition Sept 6.
Mario and Sonic at the Olympics will have a 2D special mode. Nov 5.
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 is coming to the Switch. Sept 24.
Assassin's Creed: Rebel Collection is Rogue and Black Flag combined for the Switch. Has all DLC.
Highlight reel of previously announced ports for the Switch.
Animal Crossing gets a cute trailer.
Last announcement of the day is...
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Switch.


  • Overwatch launches for the Switch Oct. 15
  • Super Kirby Clash launches today, and is a co-op RPG.
  • Banjo & Kazooie join smash later today.
  • The SNK leak was real...and...Terry is the latest Smash character DLC. From Fatal Fury. Nov 2019.
  • Little Town Hero launches October 16, and features a soundtrack done by Toby Fox.
  • There will be more DLC fighters than the original 5 from the first Fighter's Pass.
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions comes from the Wii U and to the Switch. Jan 17.
  • DOOM 64 releases November 22nd.
  • SNES games are going to be offered with NSO. All 20 games listed will be added tomorrow, with more to come.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will be out next year on the Switch.


Yet another Onii-chan
May 5, 2010
Over your head
I noticed that Pokemon SWSH information is going to be in it. Let's hope that it isn't more bad news.

Most likely not :/.

Town looks far more interesting that SW/SH, and the music is composed by TobyFox, what a surprise.


Many people seem dissapointed, but he is a very iconic fighter character on latin america and Japan, I'm looking forward to this.
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Well-Known Member
Sep 14, 2009
United States
Pleasantly surprised with Super Kirby Clash. Thank god for Edizon, because you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to cheat the Vigor or whatever so I can keep playing infinitely instead of paying or waiting. I did the same with Kirby Clash Deluxe, and the game is enjoyable when you remove that timer system.

I'm somewhat interested in that Little Town Hero game. I'll look forward to final reviews before I make a decision.
Then of course there is Trials of Mana on April 24. The ported SNES version didn't age well and they didn't fix any of the bugs in it, so I decided not to bother playing it. I can finally play the last game in the trilogy.


Well-Known Member
May 30, 2016
United States
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is nice, but I wish they would have just made it a collection or at least 1 and X.
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