Nintendo Confirms Wii U Has Flopped, Slashes Sales Forecast By ~70%

Discussion in 'Wii U - Games & Content' started by osirisjem, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    Yeah, but what makes you think FFXV will be bad?
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    maybe too many FF Sequal's in the same game? (example FFXIII-2 Final Fastasy Lighting Returns) this is the first FF to get three games in 1 number also FF IV and X only got one sequal also can't forget VII (which was a third person shooter?)
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    >Metal Gear Solid V
    >not a system seller

    You're not even trying son.
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    Even without 3rd party they got some hard sellers coming out soon. Smash bros, Mario kart and a new Zelda will boost sales and popularity. This is all the more reason why Nintendo needs to make a new Metroid and Starfox and possibly pop out a few new IPs.
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    People will always aim at owning one system that does it all - users who own more than one home console in any given generation are in the minority. There are people who'll buy a Wii U just to play Nintendo first-party titles, sure... all... 5 of them. And when the system is dirt-cheap and on the verge of collapse.

    In the real world, nobody in their right mind will spend $250 on an additional console after spending $400-$500 on their main one just to play the occasional level of "Newer Super Mario Bros. U 5" - $250 is a lot of money to spend for a handful of games. People will either not care or wait until the system is in a more favorable price range before dishing out cash for it, that's just how life is.

    Unless customers have a really darn good reason to buy a second console they just won't do it... and as it's shaping up now, the Wii U certainly isn't the "primary console" of everyone's dreams. Either Nintendo secures exclusive content that will become this "good reason" or the Wii U continues to underperform until it becomes cheapo. First-party Life Support is just that - life support.
    If I remember correctly...

    The N64 had:
    • Super Smash Bros.
    • Mario 64
    • StarFox 64
    • Mario Kart 64
    • LoZ: Ocarina of Time
    • LoZ: Majora's Mask
    • Pokemon Stadium
    • Pokemon Stadium 2
    • Donkey Kong 64
    • ...and it bombed big time
    The Gamecube had:
    • Mario Kart: Double Dash
    • Metroid Prime
    • Metroid Prime 2
    • StarFox Adventures
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Mario Sunshine
    • LoZ: Wind Waker
    • LoZ: Twilight Princess
    • Luigi's Mansion
    • Pokemon Colosseum
    • Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
    • Donkey Kong: Jungle Beats
    • Donkey Konga
    • Donkey Konga 2
    • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    • ...and it bombed as well
    I think it's about time to admit that although first-party titles boost sales, they're not the "cure" to poor market performance of a system. If they were, both systems should've been rainbow bombshells of awesome.
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  6. osirisjem

    osirisjem Wii U: Y U No Sell ?

    Jun 19, 2011
  7. slingblade1170

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    I didn't say it will boost it to break records but it will boost it regardless. Doesn't matter what anyone says, when any comment is made about Nintendo its automatically shut down by some smartass post about a past mistake.

    I remember having this same conversation on yahoo messenger and other various forums back in 05 about the 360 and again with the DS and years later with the Wii and then with the 3DS and now with the Wii U. Now, all of those systems were successful and doing very well to this day. Nintendo will do fine, sure its doing bad at the moment but I own one and I like it so no comment about the Wii U or news headline is going to change my mind. I do plan on buying an X1 as well and i've heard tons of bad things about it especially on Gbatemp.
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    To be fair it's also going to be on PS3 and Xbox. I'm still fucking excited for it though.
  9. osirisjem

    osirisjem Wii U: Y U No Sell ?

    Jun 19, 2011
    Wouldn't it be sad if Nintendo got out of the console business ?

    At the rate the Wii U is losing money for Nintendo ... investors may not let them make another console.


    I still love my Wii.
    Playing Mini Ninjas lately.
    Great fun :)
  10. slingblade1170

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    Mar 15, 2009
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    Who knows? Hopefully not the gaming industry would not be the same without Nintendo. Anyways, money isn't the issue for Nintendo it is like you said investors & stock holders. Only time will tell.

    In my personal opinion I think if forced to then cancel their home console business and make an awesome handheld and stick to that. Either way I don't want Nintendo to resort to an "app" based market, I hate apps and feel like they are NOT gaming. I'm sure everything will work out and consoles will continue with Nintendo, they have had failed systems in the past.
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    Aug 5, 2011
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    Sep 1, 2010
    I paid 225. No shipping or anything.
  13. osirisjem

    osirisjem Wii U: Y U No Sell ?

    Jun 19, 2011

    Doomed Console​

    Nintendo on Jan. 17 lowered its annual sales forecast to 2.8 million Wii U units from 9 million, and halved its projection for game sales for the system to 19 million units. The company cut its forecast for the 3DS handheld player by 25 percent to 13.5 million units, a drop from a year earlier.​

    “What they ought to do is cut their losses now and probably shut the Wii U down,” Richard Windsor, an independent analyst at Radio Free Mobile, told Bloomberg Television on Jan. 17. “Looking at the history of Japanese management, they tend to fight it out for much longer than they should, and I suspect that is what Nintendo will do.”​

    “Nintendo’s console side is broken,” Pachter said in an interview. “They’re not even an also-ran there, they just don’t matter.”​

    Nintendo market cap was at 85 billion in October 2007. (Source)
    Nintendo market cap is now at $13.7 billion as of today (April 1st, 2013). (Source)

    Ouch. Good article.

    For me, whoever was involved in the Gamepad controller should be canned. If he thought it was a good idea, he should be canned.
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    I like the Gamepad controller. Off-screen play is nice and as small a touch as it is, I like stuff like the map being there, so I can just look down, rather than open up a menu. The option for local play with both players getting their own screen is good as well.

    I don't think there is much wrong with the idea of the controller :). It's the console that is the issue.
  15. osirisjem

    osirisjem Wii U: Y U No Sell ?

    Jun 19, 2011
    Just that it's underpowered ?
  16. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    another thing their doing wrong is pushing the gimmicky touch controls. for instance in 3d world you could use the pro controller which was good...until you got to them bs stages that had the lame touch and blow controls than you had to drop the controller and pick up the damn gamepad which was damn annoying. i dont want to do that shit if you can use the pro controller than just use that don't force peeps to swap around!
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  17. osirisjem

    osirisjem Wii U: Y U No Sell ?

    Jun 19, 2011
    Early morning Trading in Japan .... Nintendo is getting trounced.

    At one stage, the shares fell as much as 18.5 percent. By 0104 GMT, the stock was down 11.9 percent at 12,900 yen. It was the most traded stock on the main board.
    If it were to finish the day at that last traded price, it would mark its worst one-day decline since July 2011, wiping off about $2.3 billion from Nintendo's market capitalization. Nintendo now expects an operating loss of 35 billion yen ($335.7 million), compared with an initial forecast for a 100 billion yen profit. [source]

    "Its console-based business model spells doom for stakeholders. It has no choice but to accept the change," Jefferies analysts wrote in a note. "We believe Mario on mobile is coming."

    FWIW, July 2011 is when the Wii U was announced I think.

    They are just trying to pretend the Gamepad has a use.
    Which it doesn't (You provide a good example).


    Iwata, that GamePad should get you fired.
    He says he's taking a pay cut.
    The stock is going to go so low, it seems stupid to pretend he still has a job.

    He also must have OK'd going after gamers with Nintendo YouTube Videos.
    [source] Which was idiotic.

    Nintendo appears out of touch. He bears responsibility for that notion.
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    When are you going to stop shitposting?
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    Cool story bro, I was looking forward to seeing more those unsubstantiated opinions of yours. When are you going to start actually backing up genuine claims instead of spouting bullshit? Yeah, yeah, you don't like the Wii U, we've heard it a thousand times before and no one cares. Go whine somewhere else, please, it would be greatly appreciated, or failing that, learning to actually have a discussion instead of spouting out your unbridled and unhealthy psychological hatred towards a video game company. Thank you for your time. :creep:

    When hell freezes over, so, never.
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    Wii-U is failing, you say? Nintendo is doomed, you say?

    Funny, I seem to recall this little thing called a 3DS, that despite all the declarations that Nintendo is losing it's audience to smart devices, is still selling remarkably well. If Nintendo's head wasn't six miles up it's own ass during the Wii-U's announcement/launch, they would have figured out that their presentation and marketing were an absolute joke, and compensated. Damage control at this point is going to take some serious third-party sucking up, as well as rushing some big name games out the door, and fast.
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