Nintendo answered,douchbags?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by dryo, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. dryo

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    Well I was drunk the other nite, and I decided I really want a Zelda four swords for DS, and sent an email to NOA regarding that gamey,they answered me with the tipical crap like "yeah right good for you, well Im sorry FS wont make any money for my kids so fuck off" anyway here's the letter and the reply from NOA:

    Received: 7/22/09 8:00:43 PM PDT
    To: Nintendo Nintendo
  2. Technik

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    May 2, 2009
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    Cool. I think thats a yes that they will put it into consideration to pay attention to fans
  3. DSGamer64

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    That is just how they handle situations in order to keep people from badgering them, they are pretty tight lipped about game announcements but still want people who send in emails to know that they value their input.
  4. TyRaNtM

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    One of the good things that have the official Nintendo website, is that when you send a email (for most stupid is the question), at least you get a good answer.
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    Amazingly shit publishers have better customer support, some even get their man in charge to answer even if you insult their games.

    Some people here now that I've had a fair bit of correspondence from Stuart Green who is in charge of Data Design Interactive/Popcorn Arcade. I pretty much asked them not to peddle their shit on the Wii and to use a different engine for a change.

    The response was actually very pleasent, he apologised for me not liking their games and actually wanted me to tell him exactly what I fount wrong with the games. So I did and then he pretty much said that his team will be releasing some better games in the future and he'll keep me posted. A month later someone sent me a message telling me about this "excellent new IP" which turned out to be a port of some godawful PC port.

    Still response like that is amazing, actually gave the impression that he cared.
  6. dudenator

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    Mar 7, 2009
    If they make this it would be soooo sick.