Nintendo and The Switch is a HUGE Disappointment!

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by xpoverzion, Jun 12, 2018.

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    So, Nintendo's E3 event has passed, and all they had to show for it was a watered down fortnite port, and a Smash Bros. game that is probably going to be a port, more or less, of the Wii U version. By this fall, the Switch will have been out for almost 2 years now. Really, the only AAA title that is exclusive and worth playing on the switch is Mario Odyssey. BOTW is on the Wii U, and most of the other AAA titles are also on the PS4 as well. All the other games are garbage games that you can just as easily play on your phone!!! Come on Nintendo. Nintendo's days are going to be numbered if they think porting over all the popular games from PC, PS4, and phones are going to keep them alive. Nintendo's strengh has always been making games that are unique, and different from the typical stuff you find on the other mainstream platforms. 2 years in, and Nintendo only has a few games that it has made in house. Why Doesn't Nintendo make exclusive deals with Konami, and other game studios to bring back modern versions of games like Contra, Castlevania, Marble Madness, Rad Racer, Ikari Warriors, Star Fox, Adventure Island, etc... There were so many titles that were exclusive Nintendo titles back in the day that made the old consoles great. That defined a generation!! Titles that made nintendo who they are.

    I'll have to admit that I bought a Switch recently because of the hacks that were released. Mario Odyssey is the only game I will probably play on it. Who knows when Metroid will ever be released. Otherwise, 99% of the other games available to the Switch I either already have on the PS4/Wii U, or they are garbage phone games from any phone's app store. I will probably be selling the Switch as soon as I'm done with Odyssey. I will sell it with the 1000's of other Switchs I saw on craigslist and Ebay, that also came with the only 2 or three games that are uniquely Nintendo, and worth playing.
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    I on the other hand feel the opposite, I like my little Switch. Got pleny of play time with it with all kind of different games. Hell, Xenoblade 2 itself is just worth it. Everyone is different, I on the other hand don't blog about it. I just keep gaming on and as stated before, 14th is their Treehouse Direct where they go in to more stuff mostly than on their E3s.
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    what u be smokin man?
  4. Garro

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    You do that.

    Personally I'm looking forward Mario Tennis Ace, the new Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter XX and oh my god Mario Party, and I'm so happy I waited for a Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch. I'll also consider No More Heroes and Octopath Travelers depending on reviews. Kinda makes me glad the mainline Pokemon is coming on 2019 because I'll probably won't have money to get more than one or two games haha...ha
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    Maybe go push a hoop down a slope with a stick then.
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    Did you watch the same Smash thing as I did? How the hell could that be considered a port in any sense of the word.
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    I'm not dissapointed really so much as nothing on the Switch really excites me and I read too many fan threads where they speculated what would be there today and very little of it was.
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    The only thing missing was Metroid Prime 4 footage, but Nintendo does Directs throughout the year anyway. Not worried about that. Bayonetta 3 footage would've been good too, but both of these games are already confirmed.
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  9. jt_1258

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    Yet when they had a major focus on breath of the wild nobody through a fit.
    oh sure, botw was just a better looking skyward sword without the birds/flying and instead being open world
    also, the port of fortnite is the same thing as on the other platforms, at least all the others that it can cross play with for sure since it has to be the same for them to play together. its just a graphics downgrade which is obviously to be expected
  10. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    splatoon 2
    xenoblade crhonicles 2
    kirby star allies

    upcoming this year
    mario tennis aces
    super mario Party
    pokemon lets go pikachu/eevee
    smash bros
    octopath traveler exclusive

    this year you still have a chance altough i doubt it of:
    yoshi game
    bayoneta 3
    next year it will be metroid prime 4 and main pokemon game atleast.

    Almost no one bought a wiiu so for most people wiiu games are brand new games
    mk8 deluxe
    hyrule warriors
    captain toad
    Bayonetta 2
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
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    Jan 25, 2016
    Switch already has more exclusives than Xbox ONE
  12. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    yeah, heck even 3do had more exclusives than xbox1 since they now release their exclusives on pc so they arent exclsuives anymore lol.
  13. Risingdawn

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    May 22, 2010
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    My opinion is different.

    Switch has been a massive breath of fresh air, not just the best handheld experience we've ever had but also producing, consistently, experiences that are breaking away from the glut of open world service crap that litter the other consoles. I can't say anything this generation has been at all an evolution on the previous gen anywhere but with Nintendo.

    In my opinion, if you strip away the titles on PS4 or Xbox that are simply mechanicly cloned PS3 games; with features stripped out to then be sold back to you as DLC, with AI programmng and story building stripped away in favour of 'social gaming' you are left with a library on par with what Nintendo has produced in just 18months.

    I'm not sure how many times people need to play Call of Ubisoft: World of Tower Climbing- daily logon edition, before they realise they are being treated like shit by game publishers. But hey, opinions huh, we all got one.
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  14. The3rdknuckles
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    Jun 12, 2018
  15. Lazyboss

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    Big mistake to come here to website full of Nintendo's fans and talk shit about Nintendo.
    I'm with you the Switch doesn't have much to offer except for Mario Odyssey, but did you forgot about Xenoblade 2? i personally brought the Switch just for that game.

    Everything else you have mentioned about Nintendo's ports from the WiiU or some garbage games like mobile game are true, until suggest Nintendo to make a deal with Konami, seriously? is that the best company to come to your mind? i don't want want shit from Konami anymore after what they did to Castlevania, Metal Gear and Silent Hill.
    Everyone keep saying the Switch have more exclusive, now i wonder where they are.
    or do you mean the crappy games from eShop.
  16. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    tbh i still have no clue why every freaking game nowadays needs open-world, i could never finish MGSV because of this, the game just didn't needed open world imo, im fine with closed off games if ubisoft ever makes a splinter cell game this gen(doubtful) i hope its not another open-world game really.
  17. Enryx25

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    Jan 25, 2016
    These games are almost all released exclusives.
    -Super Mario Odyssey
    -1-2 Switch
    -Splatoon 2
    -Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    -Golf Story
    -Fast RMX
    -Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    -Kirby Star Allies
    -Labo 1/2
    -Mario Tennis Aces
    -Picross S
    -Octopath Traveler

    There are many upcoming exclusives too.
  18. weatMod

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    Aug 24, 2013
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    Nintendo just makes the same mistakes over and over
    all they had left was MK and SSB and now they don;t even make those games anymore, just port them ,sigh
    zelda games have been just ports from last gen for a couple generations now and now even MK and SSB too
    no eshop VC once again just like 3DS
    what happend to all the NES 3d classics? i was hoping to see original zelda in 3D and maybe adventure of link for the 25th anniversary
    but nothing burger once again
    just like now no GC VC
    OP is right SMO is the only game switch really has
    they have got REALLY lazy
    i mean before they had 2 consoles now just one and we are getting even less games than for wii u
    looks like MP4 will be 2021 or 2022 and a new zelda ,never
    MK9 nope,
    all they do is sell you hardware with no software
    that shield dolphin emulator is the only thing that can make it worth a fuck for me at this point
    my switch is will NIB and my SX OS pro will probably remain that way for quite some time too

    the whole industry has gone to compete shit IMO anyways
    it's all just crap this E3 was the worst
    RE 2 was the only thing there and it is a remake

    literally every single other game was set in a post apocalyptic setting , no originality
    i am sick of hyper realistic games,i am sick of post apocalypse story line and zombies
    E3 was a snore ,presenters were cringe fest city,all the games had ever shitter story
    not impressed at all
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  19. Memoir

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    This is what happens when you hold unrealistic expectations for a system that never touted the impossible. This generation has become rather arrogant and entitled in terms of over the top quality. It's your opinion, and I respect it. I also believe it's whole heartedly wrong. Nintendo finally getting these big name publishers porting games that were missed on the last generation or so is helping them as a company.

    Of course they're going to be "watered down". It's a tablet, with a tablet processor. Not a home console with a custom built CPU/GPU. This year's E3 was great for Nintendo. We're getting a true Mario Party. Smash is going to be HUGE. The ports were actually a welcome change to the sheer amount of NOTHING we've gotten from the past two E3s.

    What people need to STOP DOING is treating the Switch like a full blown competitor to the other two systems. They need to stop comparing Nintendo to Microsoft and Sony. The latter two own more than a small handful of devs and publishers than can fill their inane request of first party titles. Most of which are cliche and overdone (inb4lolmario). They've got their own strategy and a quality control THAT WORKS. If you don't agree with it now, you either never did or just haven't cared to notice.

    I love my Switch as an accessory to my PC. I've got an Xbox One X. Tried the PS4. Guess which console I play most? The Switch. It's insane how much grief you (the insanely vocal minority) have given Nintendo's most popular system in a while. It's doing much more in the year or so it's been out than its predecessor did its whole life.
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    Jan 25, 2016
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    Damning with faint praise...