Nintendo 64's 15th Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by BoxmanWTF, Aug 30, 2011.

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    It had plenty of good games, and the graphics are still nice to look at. it's just that no one had any clue what it was, and why it was better than a PS1
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    The N64 had a good performance. The problem was the PS1 was much much better, Sony were able to attract good third party support by the console being relatively easy to develop for and the use of optical media.
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    When I was a kid, I thought the competition was PSX vs SNES, because no one had a N64, everyone had a PSX or a SNES, so no memories here of the N64.
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    I remember playing Pokemon Stadium at my friend's house. He got owned everytime by my Charizard lv99 from Red lol.

    I didnt like the controller desing but I have to admit... they were indestructible... really, also the console. We beat the crap out of those pieces of plastic... and always worked.
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    Yeah, the console itself is pretty invincible. I used to own a game shop and bought and sold dozens of second hand N64's. Some were really manky. Thick with dirt, goo, gloop and chocolate. Every one of them cleaned up well and I never had a single one returned. Wish I could say the same about the bloody Playstation. Buying and selling those was a total lottery...

    The controllers are pretty solid too. Except that pesky analogue stick! It really is the system's Achilles Heel. I really don't know how that slipped past Ninty's (usually) impeccable QC department. Why plastic?! Such a mistake... I really wish I had the knowledge to make a Gamecube to N64 adapter. Then I could be rich and retire to a tropical island and play DK Racing all day... *rushes to sign up for electronics class...*
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    I will always love n64; I remember at first I couldn't stand n64 then my mom surprised me and bought one. I felt like I sold out but I grew to love it.
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    I only have one friend who had a ps1 all of my other friends had an n64, nes, or something maybe it is because I'm only 14. I've played some good games on the ps1, but the n64 has always been my favorite console . I honestly can't see why anyone would like a ps1 over an n64 unless you really liked rpgs or really hated nintendo's first party titles.
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    Hey man, not trying to throw you a sales pitch, but I personally own marshallh's 64drive. I can tell you from personal experience that it blows away Neoflash's Myth 64 and the ED64. Heck, the ED64 will not even boot on consoles made after 1998 because of the way it was designed. Marshall went to the extent of redesigning his board to resolve this issue before the public release, and even sent out new 64drives to the beta testers as a nice jester. The ED64 has a lot of flaws, and take it from me, Compact Flash owns SD by far, and stuff on the 64drive loads nearly instantly for most games, except the 512mbit games that only take a few seconds.

    Not to mention, the 64drive will be receiving better updates, since the developer actually knows what he's doing. The guy who made the ED64 was just trying to offer a cheaper device instead of the 64drive, but you get what you pay for, and in this case, cheaper = complete crap that will more than likely die on you in a month or two.

    Don't even think of going for the ED64 Deluxe Edition just because of the prettier case, it's not the case that makes the product, is the internal components. Compare the 64drive rev2 PCB to the ED64 pcb, and you'll notice that KRrikz cheaped out on the ED64. The 64drive is worth every single penny, and it's not as expensive as people yammer on about. The Neo Myth 64 will cost nearly 300 dollars just to have support for stuff like SD, and the ED64's deluxe edition with a case and all will only be slightly cheaper than the 64drive. When you buy the bare pcb of the ED64, it's missing more components than the CIC chip and a case, and the developer is horrible with support as he's from the Ukraine (Not trying to be rude to people of this region, but this is possibly one of the reasons why the ED64 is a cheap PoS)

    Take it from me, you cannot go wrong with the 64drive, heck, even trained/hacked games have support on the 64drive, where as the ED64 wont boot most of them up. Since none of the carts have a built in cheat function, me and a friend are starting an N64 Fan Site / Rom Hacking Forum. The purpose of the site will be to compile documentation about the N64, accessories, games, rom information, tutorials on hacking roms such as patching Gameshark codes into the ROM memory. If you search around google, you'll find a method to patch GS codes to SM64's rom memory, but that guide is only specific towards that game.

    My tutorials will support all games that have certain types of GS codes for it, and I'll go into hacking the roms with the use of a debugger, but you'll have to have some knowledge of assembly. More than likely though, since we wont be hosting warez, we'll just have links to ppf patches for the games, and with the tutorials, people will be able to submit their own patches. However, it'll require moderator approval to prevent spam, at least until 30 posts.