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    Oct 24, 2002
    Nintendo 3DS technology unveiled by Sharp?
    TV manufacturer to release 3D screen
    According to a reliable french newspaper, Sharp (the Japanese TV manufacturer) just announced that they will be launching a 3D screen shortly. The technology is adapted to small screens only, up to 12.5 centimeters diagonal. They announced that the screen will be destined for the following markets:
    • Handheld video game consoles
    • Smartphones
    • Embedded devices such as GPS, etc.
    They also indicated that in order to see the 3D effect, you have to stand no more than 30cm away from the screen. Any further away, the effect fades and looks just like a regular screen. For more information, read the full article translated here.

    While we don't know yet if Nintendo will actually be using Sharp's screens, or even that particular technology, a lot of concerns that were expressed lately got wiped out by the announcement. A real 3D screen technology 'without glasses' is definitely possible and Nintendo will most probably not be serving us the DSiWare dreck as everyone feared. It's real 3D alright!

    [​IMG] Source: Le Figaro (French)
    [​IMG] Translated article here
    [​IMG] Discuss

    UPDATE another source here at The source indicates that Sharp's screen will feature FWVGA resolution (480 x 854 pixels), 500 cd/m2 luminance, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Note that again, it doesn't mean that the 3DS will be using that specific model or even be using Sharp's screens.

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