Nintendo 3DS officially announced

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    Here it is. Nintendo have officially announced and shown off the new Nintendo 3DS at E3 this year.


    Sporting a design very similar to the DSi, the Nintendo 3DS sports a 800x240 pixel top widescreen LCD that is capable of producing 3D images without the need for special viewing glasses.

    The bottom screen remains touch sensitive and there are three cameras in total. One on the inside like the DSi and two on the outside that are capable of taking 3D photographs. The 3DS also features a built in accelerometer and gyroscope similar in tech to that found in the Wii Motion Plus.

    More information and photos can be found in the topic linked to below.

    [​IMG] Nintendo 3DS pictures and discussions
    [​IMG] Screenshots of upcoming Nintendo 3DS games
    [​IMG] Nintendo 3DS - frequently asked questions

    Thanks to supervenice, PikaPerson01 and Sora1234.
Thread Status:
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