Nintendo 3DS arrive in Japan in October

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Juanmatron, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Nintendo 3DS arrive sooner than expected, at first I thought it was a rumor, but Nintendo has confirmed to Bloomberg Japan (and other media such as Gamespot also confirmed) that Nintendo 3DS be announced in detail in September (price and exact dates), but the console will arrive in October in Japan, which makes you who are saving money for 3DS to start doing it faster, because the date for Europe, and America could be well this year.

    All means are between the eyes to discover the release date of Nintendo's new console, and much stress seems to finally Kyoto company has released a pledge, will be in October when the Japanese begin to enjoy 3DS, who knows? if the latter company's financial results, which have not been more positive in recent history have led to this "advance" on the dates that all were driving.

    Nintendo 3DS could be in our hands this year, so far we have not assured, but the fact is released in Japan so fast makes me think that in Europe, and possibly also in America, will be released at Christmas, but to confirm This will have to wait for the official confirmation for the West, but again, Nintendo has confirmed what is that in October 2010, 3DS be released in Japan!!

    Source: Gamespot - Nintendo Life - Boomberg Japan
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    Rotterdam Bitches!!
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    Oh great, more new tempers raging about their flashcards aren't working on the 3DS. Well then there's that bug issue...
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    Nothing has been decided. Gamespot is confused.


    No – we’ve not announced anything to Bloomberg or anyone else. It’s just speculation. It might be a case of Chinese whispers, as we have confirmed to Bloomberg there will be an event on the September 29 in Japan where we intend to discuss launch timings, price and shipment details.
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    OUCHHH I thought i can buy it this year at the philippines......
    I hope Not region locked ds.....
    Please be true.... HHAHHAHAHA i want it now~!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    fuck. i got all excited and shit then, fuck.

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    False news, topic locked.
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