Ninjhax + Homebrew Launcher Questions

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by Kurt91, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Kurt91

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    Okay, considering that there are three common file format used for homebrew, as well as multiple ways to set them up, each of which have different requirements and methods, you can forgive me for simply wanting a straight answer.

    I have a USA region N3DS on version 9.0. I downloaded Ninjhax, and have gotten the Homebrew Launcher to work. I'm running FBI right now, so I've figured out .3dsx files. Since I've gotten my N3DS, the biggest thing on my mind is getting homebrew to work, specifically GameYob, BlargSNES, and 3DNES. On the Ninjhax site, it has links to GameYob and BlargSNES, claiming both have sound and everything.

    This *should* mean that all I have to do is download the .3dsx files for the two emulators, put them on the SD card alongside whatever I want to play, and I can play them through the Homebrew Launcher. No Gateway required, only Cubic Ninja, which I obviously already have in order to get to this point.

    If I want to download a .cia version of the programs, for the sole benefit of launching them directly from the Home Menu, I need a Gateway. If I want to spoof a higher firmware, I need a Gateway. Region-Free access can be accomplished through a custom firmware, which I already have the means to install if I want. Am I correct so far?

    If this is the case, then this is what I want to verify. CIA files are for installation and access from Home Menu, 3DS files are for running off of a Gateway in the same way as roms, and 3DSX are for running off of the Homebrew Launcher. Do I understand this correctly? The only other things that I want would be EmuNAND, for safety's sake, and firmware spoofing, for playing higher-version games. Both are currently unavailable. Are there any projects specifically that aim to accomplish these two things?

    You have to admit, the current state of 3DS hacking is rather confusing. I just want to get caught up, so I can figure out what exactly is available.
  2. Shadowtrance

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    May 9, 2014
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    GameYob and BlargSnes do have sound as the ninjhax site claims, just not with those versions on the new3ds.

    For gameyob download Steveice's version.

    For blargsnes download my fixed version here

    As for 3dnes, not sure on that one. Haven't seen much progress in a while sadly. :(


    Correct again. :)

    Only project i can think of that would be aiming towards these things is KARL
  3. Suiginou

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    Firmware spoofing in a very specific way (as in, it only circumvents the checks the eShop does) is available via But that solves neither of your problems.

    Keep an eye out for rxTools releasing a new version, Roxas might port rxMode, which is effectively just emuNAND with a different name, to the N3DS eventually.
  4. NEO117

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Dayum! I don't suppose your could get sound for 3dnes as well now could you? :D

    I got my Snes games on the go thanks to you man! Thank you!
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