Ninjhax existing to browser at 70% w/ 7.2.0-10J

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    This is a bit of a complicated one. With the recent release of the downgrader, I downgraded my spare machine (previously stuck 9.2.0-20J) to The downgrade seemed to work, except Ninjhax refuses to load despite clearing the save and using the correct QR code. It doesn't work in either SysNAND or Palantine CFW, using both my cart and a .cia ripped from my own cart. Maybe the downgrader doesn't downgrade all titles? Who knows.

    Anyway, I installed EmuNAND (using the Gateway from my other machine) and upgraded to using Pokemon Y. I now load this EmuNAND using the MT Launcher and use my Cubic Ninja cart for Ninjhax. Now it does load, but only reaches 40% before crashing out to the browser. I have am using the correct 7.1.0-10J QR code.

    What could be causing this? I have no issues with Ninjhax on my other 3DS using 9.2 EmuNAND.
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    I had the same problem. Changing the SD card inside the 3DS fixed it for me.
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    I'm having this problem too. I start the exploit on firmware 8.1.0-9U and it gets stuck at 40% before redirecting me to the Internet Browser and then I wouldn't be able to do anything until I manually turn off my 3DS. I'll try switching my SD card to see if it will work.

    Edit: Switching SD cards didn't work for me.