Ninjapass XS Loader v1.2 (Final)

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    Ninjapass XS Loader v1.2 (Final)

    Out now

    The team behind the Ninjapass have released a new loader for their device. XS Loader v1.2 (Final) fixes certain save-game related issues, adds a clock and the date to the GUI and some alterations have been made to the SD card speed selector.[title:Ninjapass XS Loader 1.2 final]Latest Loader (XS Loader v1.2 Final)

    1.Fix bugs for some new game save.

    2.add clock .

    3.add date format, clock... on off selecte . and you can move them by pressing key R+up,down,left,right

    4.modify the speed select [x1] is the lowest and the [x4] is the high speed
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Official site
    [​IMG] Source

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    hmm no point in updating as i hardly use my ninjapass.