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  1. lars

    OP lars Member

    May 13, 2006
    Thats it. A Flashing Cart at the size of a DS Game. Hah!
    - No GBA Cart nedded
    - No Flashing of your NDS needed


    A New Brand named Ninjapass will release at China , it is a first Direct Boot Up and real size flash storage device of the DS & DSL . Therefor it is a first real DS Flasher of the world .

    Ninjapass for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite is the perfect solution for accessing DS media from any GBA flash storage device. Simply snap in the Ninjapass dsflash cartridge, and that's it ! Media, freeware, executables and other files stored on your flash card can be launched. The Flash Cart revolutionised the GBA Homebrew scene, and with Ninjapass dsflash , it will do for the DS too.

    Ninjapass Media Launcher Invincible Boot Up Solution is compatible with most types of flash cards including all G6 Family , all SuperCard Family , all EZ Family , all M3 Family , ...

    And Ninjapass dsflash Build - in 128Mbit / 256Mbit / 512Mbit / 1Gbit memory , let you to run the DS Homebrew rom direct from DS slot and don't need any GBA flash storage device . Ninjapass Build - in 2MB memory , therefore Ninjapass DsFlash Compatible with most the game save (4k , 64k . 2M).

    Ninjapass Built in Multi-game menu and passcard function , so you can make your Multi game or passcard to boot up your other GBA flash storage device from the GBA slot or direct play your ds rom from the DS slot .

    What's includes:
    • Ninjapass DS Flash - 512Mbit storage device (x1)
    • Ninjapass USB2.0 Writer (x1)
  2. Lily

    Lily One Scary Lady
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    Jun 18, 2004
    There have already been a myriad of topics on this device, but thanks for posting. [​IMG]

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