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    <b>Ninety-Nine.Nights.2.XBOX360-COMPLEX</b> and <b>Ninety-Nine.Nights.2.PAL.Dirfix.XBOX360-COMPLEX</b>
    Also referred to in some circles as N3II

    We already had the US region locked version <a href="" target="_blank">back in late June</a> and this appears to be the PAL version.

    Since then the US version has not fared well ( <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ) but if you have not yet suffered from boredom with the genre (hack and slash/many enemies of which there are several great offerings) or really liked the first it might be worth a look in. Similarly there has been a fair amount of difference between European and US reviewers in the last few months (see alpha protocol) so it might be worth waiting.
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    N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights II - About the Game video
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    NFO for original and dirfix