NightFox's Colors 7/31/09

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    [​IMG] NightFox's Colors 7/31/09

    After more than a year a bug has been fixed which solves the issue of the music stopping during level switching. This is the only addition to this update.

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    I just checked this newer version out because I'm a huge fan of Columns, but was disappointed when the music cut out after the first level. Then I go back to look at the post, and realize the music was the only thing fixed in this version. Well, I can confirm the problem still exists, so I'm not sure what to think about this revision. Sound effects are still present, but no music once it stops until I power down the DS and launch the game again.

    Too bad, because this homebrew game is really good quality. I'm tried it on R4 (original 1.8) and SuperCard DSone.