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    Dec 2, 2007
    makes me wish i hadn't sold my 360.....

    .. Allstars present :
    NierÂÂ(c) Square Enix
    .. iNFOS :
    Rel.Date...: April, 2010
    Platform...: X360
    Region Free: YES (PAL & NTSC/U)
    Genre......: Action
    Languages..: English, German, French & probably more ..
    Format.....: .iso
    Size.......: 1 DVD
    .. gAME iNFOS :
    ÂÂ Nothing is as it seems in Nier. Assume the role of the unyielding
    ÂÂ titular protagonist, Nier, in his quest to discover a cure for his
    ÂÂ daughter who is infected with the Black Scrawl virus. With powerful
    ÂÂ allies and a mysterious book, Nier encounters things that will confound
    ÂÂ even the mightiest of warriors.
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    Wow that is early-gamefaqs calls 22nd in Australia, 23rd in Europe and 27th in the US.

    I saw a few trailers of this the other week and it looked interesting. The devs (cavia) have been responsible for a few noted games in their time (korg on the DS and a PS2 version of tetris grand masters) but mainly they do big franchise anime/manga games. has a trailer.
    Whether it will stand up against the other third person action games we have seen this year remains to be seen- their last go at such a game on the 360 was Bullet Witch.

    360 releases post later this afternoon if I have time.
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    This is the first I've heard of this game. A lot of 3rd person action games in 2010!

    I wonder if this one will be any...
    eep. I'll wait for some user reviews [​IMG]
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    Its a weird game. Its like a cheesier DMC4, with worse graphics, but it has some interesting fighting elements and things you dont expect. It even has towns and people to talk to in it, in RPG fashion, and as you attack you level up like a RPG. Its interesting.
  5. War

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    Oct 26, 2007
    I'm gonna wait for the reviews on this one/ Stylistically, it looks kinda cool... reminds me a lot of .hack, actually, which is a good thing. However, graphics and gameplay look really bland and borderline bad. I'll just wait it out and see.
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    It's a nice game I only played about an hour thirty but I like what I've seen so far.
    I was worried as the developer also made Bullet Witch lol (which I beat 4 times). I'm surprised by this game and Resonance of Fate as I seem to be enjoying them both more than FFXIII which I'm still to get past the 2nd disc.