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    First Details on Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits
    Track listing and new features are just a single click away.
    by Craig Harris

    Though the original Guitar Hero On Tour shipped onto the Nintendo DS less than eight months ago, Activision, Red Octane and Vicarious Visions are ready to hit the scene with the third game in the series: Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.

    Just like the original and last holiday's follow-up Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits recreates the Guitar Hero gameplay on the Nintendo DS with a Guitar Grip peripheral that mimics the guitar controller on the consoles. Players strum the screen in time to the notes flowing down the highway, pressing the corresponding buttons as they play along with the song.


    Modern Hits will feature a whole new line-up of more than 25 songs. The preliminary tracklist includes:

    Wolfmother – Dimension
    Coldplay - Violet Hill
    Lenny Kravitz - Where Are We Runnin
    Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
    The Strokes – Reptilia
    The Bravery – Unconditional
    Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene
    Weezer - Everybody Get Dangerous
    The Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
    12 Stones – Adrenaline
    Tenacious D – The Metal
    Atreyu – Falling Down

    According to Vicarious Visions, the team worked hard in tweaking the tech already established in the first two Guitar Hero On Tour titles. "With each game we continue to optimize our development and improve the existing game systems to make them better," said VV's David Nathanielsz. "One thing we are always working on is tweaking the touch-screen sensitivity to meet the play styles of different users. We've learned that different players have very different ways of holding the Nintendo DS and strumming the touch screen, so we've focused efforts on making sure all different types of strums are detected properly."

    So, what's new for the third iteration? According to the team, it's the Fan Request system. "It's a new non-linear progression that is focused on building your fan base from just a few early listeners to millions and millions of fans. Your fans provide you with different song challenges to complete as you grow your band's appeal." Vicarious Visions believe that these challenges are a brand new way to interact with and play Guitar Hero, and it will bring a new level of depth and challenge to the game.

    With the Nintendo DSi just in the wings, would this version be compatible? We asked, and the answer: no. "Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits was developed prior to the Nintendo DSi release and supports the more than 27 million DS Units that have already been sold in North America. The game requires a GBA slot – either on the original Nintendo DS or the Nintendo DSLite – to play."

    Of course, that doesn't mean Nintendo DSi isn't in the cards. According to the team, "we're very excited about the possibilities open to us in the future for advancements to the portable Guitar Hero experience – particularly with the Nintendo DSi."

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    Quote from the other thread that got locked.

    For some reason after reading this I imagined a really small plastic guitar that either plugs into the SD card slot or is used wirelessly.
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    It is really a shame that seeing the DSi is being released everything to do with the NDS/NDSL GBA slot will most likely have no games made for it even with the Tony hawks Motion thing I thought that would have some potential for other games like snow boarding. I wish nintendo never even made the Dsi or at least they made the DSi with a GBA Slot
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    Yeah, I had pretty much the same thought as Law, I can't imagine why some kind of wireless controller wouldn't work, besides that it would be a massive battery drain.