next gen console thoughts #2

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    ok my previous post .here:( next gen thought so far. )
    i went over some things like what i thought about the next gen consoles.
    1 being that we cant be to sure about the others being released so soon just because the wii u is coming, which has infact been confirmed by sony & microsoft now.
    with microsoft saying that there will not be one anytime soon & sony quoting that"they will be the last to release a next gen console"
    that part of my predictions were correct. as for power & the rest since there not coming. no needed for console power comparison or trying to guess whats gonna be more powerful than what anymore, like that really matters anymore. :ninja:

    now for our 1 next gen console. wii u.
    iv been doing some reading on sites, & hear alot of uproar about games being in development. next gen games, by naughty dog, & a few others.
    sure some would say since its naughty dog then its a ps4 game correct? but thats the thing there is no ps4 & wont be one any time soon.
    so our only candidate is wii u, unless those company's meant next gen handheld, which then would be in the 3DS, PSV zone.

    launch prediction?
    im just gonna quote part from my last tread since it seems pretty much confirmed.
    as for launch lineup?
    we all have our wants & certain games we want over others.
    for one i think nintendo will defintly surprise us, giving us something. that we will not expect at all.
    being similar to the wii launch but with more of a bang & having games that we thought wouldn't be on nintendo console but other consoles.
    we will get the next gen zelda, gta 5, resident evil 6, our shooters games, red steel 3, no more heroes 3, conduit 3, project cars, wii u sports.

    (remember, they were actually gonna release saints row, assassins creed(which was also on DS 2x) on 3DS. & were now even getting deado or alive, tekken, street fighter PS360 style & true resident evil games 3DS nintendos handheld, so the console has to be getting something tasty.)

    The name?
    i think its a most likely chance it will be called wii u, tho were hearing roumers that name will change.
    every nintendos console as had a meaning in there name,
    nes(nintendo entertainment system)
    snes(super nintendo entertainment system, being the sucessor to nes)
    n64(64 MHz)
    n64DD (disk drive for teh 64)
    gamecube (in the shape of a cube)
    wii( we, together, as 1 having fun)
    wii u (scucessor to wii, universal, you, personal)
    if it were to be

    im a pretty adaptable person to any controller or controlls type, with wiimote plus, & classic controller pro. i find myself switching between them.
    but only later games & some nintendo titles use classic controller pro.
    so i find myself playing a game with classic controller pro, for instance no more heroes 2, or conduit 2, then when i wanna play the 1st version conduit 1 or no more heroes 1 being forced to use the wiimote/nunchuck method, which i have no problem with, but i like optional.
    with wii u seems like every controller option will be able to be used for games, primary being wii u mote, then all the wii temotes & adapters & maybe we will get some gamecube controller adapters or something since we will have gamecube vc, or we could just use the classic controllers.

    along side with the wii u im seeing these accesories?
    gamecube controller adapter.
    i think the wii lan adapter can still be used don't see why it couldn't.
    rechargeable wiimotes/plus packs
    wii u mote has built in mics so don't see use to make a headset, butt they always can.

    the 3DS was released with face raiders & AR games.
    with wii u coming IF.... they put a camera on the back of the controller we can defiantly expect updated versions those as built in titles.
    3DS connect. an ability to play 3ds games wireless on tv via wii u(this ones more of a want by me than anything but. ) :ninja:
    built in wii u sports? how face raiders was.

    or this can all be in 1 media app:{
    Wii u camera. basically like the 3DS one videos, pictures, ect. more options, upgraded also sharing bewteen 3DS & Wii u wirelessly.
    music channel.}

    netflix, hulu plus, maybe some social networking site apps facebook, myspace, youtube, google+

    Download play: for, DS, DSi, & 3DS multiplayer with 1 card on wii u.
    mii maker definetly. (also updated miis, clothing, & way more options)
    mii plaza, streetpass with other wii u controllers, & 3DS. also can use NFC. (find mii u anyone?)
    NFC games. shipped with cards like the AR cards but with NFC chips into them for games.
    E reader channel.
    E shop. yep. (also with everything you see in 3DS eshop, including 3DSware, DSiware, ect.) also install from browser.
    notifications. built in browser. youtube via browser.
    exchange pedometer coins trough 3DS & wii u.
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    Sorry, but I'm not very impressed by this theocrafting. If you want to muse over things, at least point out some sources.

    The wiiU has been confirmed to be released somewhere in 2012. After E3, IIRC (which makes it likely they'll tell it then. or at least tell the whole lineup).

    The launch games...they keep saying they learned their lesson with the 3DS, but I kinda wonder about that. Quality games take long to make, so I'm not sure if that means the console will be delayed or their games will be rushed...or else they planned things out in advance.
    Or, and this is what I'm thinking: they have a strong 3rd party support lineup. A couple (or even a handful) quality exclusive titles from renowned other companies to lure in the hardcore gamers.

    Yes, there are rumours that the name will change (this thread has sources). Kinda odd that you point out a meaning as in favor of keeping the name, as I'd think that "wii u" is pretty uninspired and meaningless (seeing a meaning in it is like saying the emperor is wearing clothes: you think you're smart but you're not).

    The controls...what about them? It's nice we get to keep using our current stuff, but in the end, all games (or the far majority) will cater to the new one. Similar to the gamecube controller on the wii: the amount that use it isn't exactly huge.

    A headset connector to the controller would be sweet. Fits perfectly with that "continue playing on your controller" thing they're going for. can't remember if it was confirmed already or not, though...

    Connectivity with the 3DS...I'm not sure. The controller obviously makes it easy for nintendo to resell DS games as VC (I'll bet 10 bucks Zelda: phantom hourglass will be available as VC before 2014), but other than that...I don't know. Oh, I can think of some fun connectivity features if you combine them...but I wonder how it would pay off? Would people really buy a 3DS AND a wiiu just to exchange miis or savegames?
    I just hope they're smart and put wiiu sports (or whatever game they're gonna give with their console) not on a DVD but on the internal hard disk. It'll be much easier to convince people to buy online if they can find out for themselves how easy it is not to have to search for the disk and exchange it every so often.

    The media apps are already shown on the E3 presentation. I remember a picture slideshow, skype-lookalike and a drawing program. Hopefully they'll give it with the wiiu. Even more hopefully, they help 3rd parties to properly use it (co-op games over the internet would be much cooler if you can hear and even see the other player through that secondary screen).
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    i now i said it will be launched someware between june & november, (E3 is in june correct?)

    wel idk ya never know tho, all these new games resident evil 6, gta 5, battle field 3, black ops 2 was even confirmed. then theres the nkown wii u sports, zelds wii u, super mario bros wii u, ninja gaiden 3, super smash bros univers, killer freaks, im expecting atelast 20+ games to be announced tho .

    as for name change? i hear roumers too, but arent there already games being made with the "U" in the name liek wii sports u, super smash bros univers, ect.. i wouldnt mind them changein gteh name tho, maybe wii 2, wii

    controlls i see a universal sytem where the wii u controller is primarily used, but every wiimote plus connects to the wii u mote, & can be used.

    yes combined eshop with wi u & 3ds would be awesome, share virtual consoel games nes, snes, n64, gamecube, ds, dsi, gameboy, color, advance, sega genesis, saturn, dreamcast, & more.

    yes video chat, & voice while multiplayer = awesomeness. i wanna see something like metroid prime hunters on wii u & 3DS
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    :D :D
    I think OP needs to read up a bit before making any further statements :rolleyes:
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    ha wow just noticed that typo. :blink:
    i know the n64 has
    CPU = 93.5MHz (64-bit NEC VR4300)
    Co-CPU = 62.5MHz (64-bit SGI RCP)

    i meant 64-bit tho not 64mMHz lol :ninja: