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  1. TheDequan11

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Newest Super Mario Bros. Wii is now looking for 3D modelers and music composers! You can apply in this thread. People who can work with and create new images (tilesets, textures, etc -- this does not count simple recolours, since they take very little skill) are also welcome, but 3D models and music are what we need most. Level designers are required.

    In order to apply, you will need to show us some previous work you have done. It does not have to be Newest or Mario related, but it must be good enough to show us your skills and capabilities.

    To send your application, please PM any of these users on the forums: TheDequan11 -- do NOT post in this thread.

    You will need to include:
    - Description of your skills, what you can do, and what you'll be willing to help with
    - Example(s) of your work
    - Your email address

    We'll be waiting
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    Ugh. This "project" rears its head here again...
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