NEWER Super Mario Bros. Wii - Expanding the Team

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Alright, so I'll try keep this brief!

    Firstly: EVERYONE WORKING ON THIS PROJECT GETS EQUAL CREDIT. This is a community project. Always has been, always will. But, due to certain circumstances, it's inevitable that some people are "closer" to the project and have access to Reggie while others do not. At least, for now, that is.

    A month ago, there was a bit of a falling out at the freeforums site where planning was first taking place. Most of the key original members wanted to team up with the Reggie crew, closely working with them in private as we gradually developed the game, expanding the team as Reggie's release date came closer and closer. One of the admins didn't want to have some of his power usurped to the Reggie development team, so there was a brief split -- but to cut a LONG story short, everything is cool now, that admin was booted off of Freeforums, and the project has continued to gain momentum on IRC (most of us use mIRC).

    Development will use both IRC and forums at some stage, but it's now mainly IRC.

    If you're not aware, people interested in this project have been asked to use the #NSMBW room on IRC. Many of you are still there [​IMG]

    Now, we're going to EXPAND the project into 9 rooms.


    Each room has a secret password. What we ask you do is head on over to #NSMBW -- the "lobby" if you will -- and choose 1 world (or 2 if you're super keen) to focus on. You will be given a top secret pass code to the room(s) of your choice. Stay in this room at all possible times and discuss and plan the World as a consistent well thought out whole, with other people who have chosen that world. There will be admins who have a copy of Reggie who will build level ideas people come up with and generally help with the idea generation and planning.

    It's important to have someone with access to Reggie to test things out and to see what ideas are logical and practical within the limitations of the program. But yes, until closer to release date, that means general contributors to NEWER will be unable to use Reggie.

    Considering Reggie is meant to be kept totally under wraps, this is the best compromise that we can work out. The Reggie development team has kindly offered to expand access to Reggie to a select few NEWER team members, so there's not much more we can offer at this stage.

    Also, at this stage, only Worlds 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 will be open for group discussion/planning. World 1 will open at a later stage, because World 1 is a special case requiring much tighter design control which we feel is wiser to leave to the responsibility of those who've already been working at length on the project, however, when Reggie is released, people will be free to design levels for any world (W1-9), but they must notify admin people about it in private, and if your level is strong enough, your level will either be used, or you will be granted access to that world's discussion room and can contribute further to the world's development.

    Worlds 6 and 8 will probably not open at all.

    WHY are we doing it this way?

    - We want contributors to focus on individual worlds so that their quality and level design is consistent
    - We don't want secrets and hidden content and other joys of playing being leaked and discussed by the general public
    - We want to keep Worlds 6 and 8 as secret as possible so that even people working on Newer will have surprises remaining when they play it!
    - There are several other reasons all of which we have discussed at length -- they escape me right now lol -- but this is the best compromise we can come up with.
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    Nov 19, 2009
    So in summary, download a chat client (like mIRC or use the browser webchat and join the room #NSMBW (on server: and discuss with the admin from there your world of choice. Again, this is a community project, so it's open to anybody and EVERYBODY -- those who joined over at the now defunct freeforums, and those reading this for the first time. (Here is the original NEWER thread, for those who are curious.)

    World 1 - Yoshi's Island
    World 2 - Sewer Systems
    World 3 - Mini-Mega Mountains
    World 4 - Toy Town
    World 5 - Freezeflame Volcano

    World 6 - Starry Skies
    World 7 - Ghostly Graveyard
    World 8 - Planet Koopa
    World 9 - Retro Road
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    Aug 11, 2009
    For anyone who does not want to download mIRC or whatever... you can always use the website for access... though it is not highly recommended, I guess it does not really make much difference
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    Yeah, RainbowIE failed to mention this, so I thought I'd add it - we're on the Freenode server (

    If you can't or don't want to download mIRC, you can use the in-browser Freenode webchat:

    edit: Ninja'ed by Pop. [​IMG]
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    Sounds great, looking forward to it! [​IMG]