Newcomer interested in custom ROM/homebrew - what system is easiest?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ahungry, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. ahungry

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    Nov 7, 2014
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    Hey all - interested in writing a custom homebrew ROM and was wondering what system was easiest to write one for (preferably using GNU/Linux and avoiding Windows).

    I found a great guide online from 2003-2013 titled "tonc" which discusses GBA game creation in great detail (300 pages ugh).

    I also found an NDS from scratch guide here (using a Nightfox lib or something) which seemed a bit more what I'm accustomed to (less assembly and bit shifting, more high level function calls).

    I was hoping to write a homebrew game from scratch that could ideally run under emulators on mobile devices and it seems like NDS emulator support is bad on mobile, so I may be forced into going with GBA (unless custom ROM programming for SNES or another system entirely is easier, but I doubt that would be the case).

    So, in your opinions, what is the easiest system to get a custom ROM going on? (Non mobile is welcome as well though).

    Lastly, nice to meet you all!
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    Welcome onboard! :D The scarcity of replies isn't because we're not friendly, it's probably because of the members looking in here don't actually know the answers! :D It'd be better reposting your questions in the NDS Homebrew section.

    We have some resident NDS programmers and some of them might help you ;)
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