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    Hello all. I have been doing alot or reading and I ordered a Argon chip for my Wii. Some questions I have are:

    I have soldering skills, I went to school for electronics years ago and I could probably do it. Is it work paying someone to put it in for me? Who would you recommend? I am in FL.

    Next, do I need a programmer? how often would I need to update this chip and if I have all of my games would they just stop working until I upgrade? Or is this upgrade needed if I get new games?

    Last, I can copy my current games onto DVD's and I can also download games from and burn them to DVD? Am I missing anything here? Sorry if this has been covered before and any help is appreciated.


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    If you have the skills to install the chip yourself you should do it. Paying someone else to do it could be quite expensive. I paid someone €70 to do it.
    It depends on your type of chip if you need a programmer. If you have a PIC chip with YAOSM for example on it, you need a reprogrammer to update it. But most other chips are updateable using a DVD. Probably only the new games will stop working. That's what happened with SMG. All older games still worked just fine, but to run SMG the chips needed an update.
    To make backups of your original disc, you need a specific LG-drive in your computer. Other DVD-drives can't read original discs. If you have a downloaded ISO, you can use any burner to just burn it