1. death1234

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    Feb 1, 2008
    United States
    hi im new to the psp scene. just want to clarify:

    What is the approxmiate percent of psp isos that runs successfully on CFWs?

    What consoles (snes, nes, gba, n64,etc.) can it emulate with good results? how successfully can the psp emulate these consoles?

    Do you have to have the original ps1 disc to play ps1 games?

    How does the homebrew scene compare with the DS homebrew scene.

    How big is the average psp game? is there any way to shrink their size without losing anything?

    What size memory stick should i get?

    And also, does a psp with CFW lose any of the features that a psp with offical firmware has?

    thx for clarifying
  2. TheWingless

    TheWingless Wafuu~

    Jan 29, 2008
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    If you want to play a PS1 game, you don't NEED an original, but it's still the same as pirating.

    A PSP can vary in sizes. One of them can be about 300 MB but some can be a GB or more.

    At least 2GB. 4 would probably be the best.

    As for emulation, I'm not too sure because I only got to see my friend's PSP for a bit(I introduced him to it a bit). The emulation is quite good for SNES, but I hear GBA has a few roms here or there that don't work or go slow. NES will obviously work.

    I'm not too sure about the homebrew scene, but I hear there's pretty decent homebrews(emulators and Cave Story!).

    I can't really answer too much about it as I am not a super awesome pro psp guy. I just decided to look it up as my friend is a Pro-PSP guy and I'm a Pro-DS guy. Threatens me a lot when I talk about his "PSP".
  3. Shyn

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    Sep 10, 2006
    United States

    -As long as you're up to date on the latest firmware, there should be no problem running any iso's.
    -N64 emulation is not that great, but snes, nes, and gba are good.
    -Ps1 games have to be converted to eboots to be played.
    -The homebrew scene is very lively, a lot of good apps and a good sized community developing homebrew games as well.
    -Depending on the content of the game, the size of the iso's will vary, but they can be compressed to cso's to save space.
    -I personally have a 4 gig stick, but I am looking out for a good deal on an 8 gig.
    -CFW is just like the official firmware + more. The only downside would be that right now, m33 doesn't want to release another version until sony drops firmware 4.0, so you're stuck with 3.90 m33-3, or the unofficial 3.93 custom firmware.
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