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    [​IMG] Ok, I have a GB Micro and a Supercard SD. I can emulate most NES games just fine. However, I read you can use moonshell for mp3's but when I try to use it, my GBM locks up every time. Anyone know why, or have an easier why to play mp3's with a GB?
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    Moonshell is a DS program; it won't run on the GBA. I don't think you can play MP3s on a GBA, it doesn't have the processing power to decode them fast enough.
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    You can play music but you need to encode them to MPA

    There is a guide at the link below, but I'm not sure if any easier ways have come out since as I don't really take interest in music players for GBA anymore. From what I remember the quality of the music was better than others I've tried but don't ever think that you'll get anything near MP3.

    There are devices that will let you play MP3's but theres no point as you can get a proper MP3 player that is cheaper and will let you have more songs.
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    Try GSMplayer