newbie here: is flashing xbox360 hard?

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    i have a psp and a wii, and i successfully softmodded both. now im buying a xbox 360.
    i have a few questions:

    1. will i have a hard time modding the console?
    2. is there a newbie friendly guide like xxzero's wii guide that is easy to follow?
    3. if i made a mistake during the process, will it brick automatically? or can i just start all over?
    4. what are wave 3 or wave 4 games?
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    1) Assuming you are not going for a homebrew console the very newest liteon drives and arguably some of the Hitachi stuff will require some soldering and trace cutting. Nothing outrageous but some do not care for it. The 7 series liteon will need a probe or the same method as the new liteons but everything else amounts to plugging it in the computer, dumping the keys, building a new firmware and pressing send.

    2)For guides we suggest the jungleflasher tutorial, it is not as in depth as it might be though so ask questions if you want to understand how it all works:
    On the offchance you can find a homebrew capable console (not updated past August the 11th 2009 and made before mid June 2009) which you want to homebrew (Somewhat harder to do but well worth it in my opinion) then ask here, is a good start.

    3) As long as you have the drive keys you can start over, aside from physical destruction (including stuff like putting the wires in the wrong way around) though only the hitachi drive can be bricked.

    4) Irrelevant as of the latest firmwares (LT and 1.6 NS) but if you want to know read the hacked drives section on