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    Dec 3, 2007
    Hi all - i apologise if this is totally the wrong forum but im a complete newbie and need some help!

    My sister has a Nintendo DS and hopefully Im getting a Nintendo DS Lite for xmas [​IMG]

    Can someone please tell me how on earth I transfer the .nds games that I have downloaded across to my DS lite?

    Is it the same procedure for DS as it is for DS Lite?

    Am i right in thinking that i have to purchase an additional micro SD card and then a USB adaptor for the Micro card and then transfer them onto that, shove it back into the DS lite and hey presto it all works? Or is it not that simple? [​IMG]

    please help someone!

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    See that hole in your wall?
    You need a flash card, preferably a slot-1 device.
    Check out reviews and info here:
    I recommend the R4 for ease of use.

    Most use a MicroSD card that you copy the games to, then stick in the slot-1 device.
    There are also a few that have their own built-in storage. You transfer to those using a USB cable (usually comes with the slot-1 device).

    They work just the same on either an old NDS or a NDS Lite.