Newb to the 3DS 'hacking' scene, need someone to explain cfw like I'm 5

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    So after not really touching my 3DS for, I don't know 2-3 years? I've decided to check out how far we've come since the days of "You can't play pirated 3DS games yet!" and the crown3ds giving us a small amount of anticipation and from what I see we apparently have cfw on the 3DS? Now I understand that there are flashcarts able to play 3ds roms but being the scumbag that I am I'm still waiting for a completely free method of playing 3DS games on my original 3DS, similarly like you could on the PSP and Wii. Now I've tried reading about cfw on the 3DS and I still come off as extremely confused so I have a few questions.

    1) Can cfw run 3DS games without the need of a flashcart?

    2) If so how does one go about installing cfw and running games?

    3) If my assumption of cfw and what it can do is wrong can someone explain to me what it does and what it's use is like I'm 5?

    4) If my assumption of cfw is right can someone still explain to me what it can do like I'm five?

    Thanks in return.
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    i'd spank you and then teach you how to read. all the information in on this forum and not hard to locate and understand. we're not here to spoon feed you. you're 5 now.
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    Since u already know ur mental age is like 5, get out of here
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    #1 some games, mainly older ones only
    #2 read the numerous guides
    #3 N/A i don't know what your assumptions are, #2 will help you there
    #4 N/A i don't know what your assumptions are, #2 will help you there
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    1. You need a DS mode-compatible cart, like a DS2 or R4i Gold. Can be gotten for very cheap though. There is also a method that doesn't require this, but it's much more complicated and fucked up DS mode on my 3DS entirely when I tried to use it, so I wouldn't recommend it. Also, you can only run somewhat older games. Anything requiring newer firmware (Smash, Majora's, Monster Hunter 4, Tomodachi Life) simply won't work.
    3/4. You can install cia files, which will then appear on your home screen and you can boot them like any other app.
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    just forget it
    the "leaked" cfw is buggy as shit, and it isn't even region free, and you need to spoof nearly all newer games
    just get a gateway, it's only 50 bucks
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