New with EZ-V, having issues booting

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Runey, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Aug 10, 2007
    Ok i'm brand new with this EZ-V, so please bear with me on this.
    First of all the lack of software included with this makes it difficult (i've never been one to say that, most of the time websites are easy to find the recent software needed for a device) but not in the case of EZteam, their website is terrible and impossible to find what's needed.

    GBAtemp was the only way i could even find the SHELL contents needed to put on my EZ-V.
    so i flashed to the latest loader with the upldr bin file, all worked fine.
    that being said, i put all of that on there (and the latest savelist) , and when i had 4 roms, it worked fine. .. so last night i basically filled my 1gb kingston microSD card with games (About 17 roms in total) i also put an mp3 album on there because i wanted to test it out.
    I don't receive my nintendo DS until roughly the 23rd of Aug.(i preordered the crimson/black one) so i had to wait until i got into work today to borrow one of my colleague's NDS lites to test it on.
    so, so far , the contents (roughly) that are on my microSD card are :
    xxxxxx.nds , xxxxxx.nds (repeat x 15), /SAVE, /shell, /orchids and ammunition,
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    Send me a Screenshot of ur files and folders....