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    I think I might have made a thread like this in the past or mentioned it in the IRC or if someone elses has mentioned an idea like this, I'm not so sure but here it is anyway :3. I'm wondering if in the future there could be a sort "Guest Board" mainly for help threads made by those people who register and on the same day create a thread for help and never return (These happen in the Wii Hacking discussion about ever ten seconds lol) because if you look down the bottom of the index where it shows who is online there is usually around 1500 guests viewing the forum. I'm just saying this because it seems like such a waste of an account which these many accounts when put together could maybe influence the performance of the server. Though I guess this option wouldn't be much help around competition times where lurkers who haven't registered make an account on the day the competition is announced and try and enter it, but many of these have a requirement of posts and such before entering. This is just a suggestion that could prove useful in the future [​IMG].