New update for the ace GUNMANTWO... and ace GUNMANONE!

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    [​IMG] New update for the ace GUNMANTWO... and ace GUNMANONE!
    Coming this Christmas
    We've been in touch with the ACE team who have decided to share a bit more juicy information with us! Proving that they have not yet forgotten about all the loyal users of the original ace GUNMANONE and ace GUNMANONEi, the team have announced a Christmas and New Years gift for all owners!

    A brand new operating system code named Jizzpants will be released for the GUNMANONE and GUNMANONEi. This new 'jizzpants OS' (JOS), will be released for both the GUNMANONE and also the new GUNMANTWO, with more advanced features and functions exclusive to the GUNMANTWO and its built-in lube.

    The team call the new JOS a transition for the carts that will "look like a hunter going from zero to sexy".

    Here's a sneak peak at the changes the new JOS will be bringing:-

    The GUNMANTWO version of the JOS will bring even more exciting features that we can't yet share with you, but stay tuned for further hot news on the new ace GUNMANTWO and Jizzpants OS!
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    none of that is even funny.
    EDIT: owait, nvm, this is the EoF
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    That I'm gonna buy for sure [​IMG]
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    My arms look exactly like that. [​IMG]
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    Does it screw you mother hard and then goes ass to mouth?

    Fucking Gunman, ruined her pedigree.