New Unexperienced and just need some help (3DS roms on 3DS XL)

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    Feb 14, 2015

    ok basically i have been reading this forum and googling non stop and now my brain is simply at its limit. i dont mean to be a bother so i hope nobodies mad but i just need some help on what to do.

    My goal is simply i would like a flash card that lets me play 3ds roms on my 3ds XL without the need to buy anything (yes piracy, but im a student i cant simply afford all the games i want not an excuse just my reasoning)

    i own an old 3DS XL on firmware V9.4.0-21E (im from the UK if that info is needed)
    I already own a R4 SDHC 2014 so i can play ds games on my 3ds.

    ok so my questions are what exactly are my options to get 3ds roms on my 3ds? (cheapest please) i know there's stuff like sky3ds which i can buy and i think gateway, but they confuse me with all this templates and header stuff which i simply dont understand. my r4 card is pretty simply drag and drop and game have fun.

    Also obviously i dont want my console bricked or banned so if theres any method which also avoids this thats a benefit.