New UK Intellectual property small claims court

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by FAST6191, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Given this section is usually awash with discussion of the latest patent, trademark and copyright cases and the eye watering sums of money changing hands either as damages or payment for lawyers to fight for you this makes a nice counterpoint.

    Most court systems around the world will have something along the lines of a small claims court which is usually set to up to allow people and small businesses in England and Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland are outside the remit of this) the opportunity to gain small sums of money back (in this instance up to £5000) without having to go to full trial. There are several restrictions to the new process (no patent cases for one) and unlike the merging of the various judicial services a few years back the the option to take it to high court remains. story

    Previously for small matters mounting a proper case was something of a net negative in terms of time, payout and such so might this lead to some interesting cases that previously would have been unviable?

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