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Jan 13, 2008
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Hello GBATemp! So i was thinking to get a new TV after i get my 360. This is only because my 27" Sharp LCDTV is too small. I was thinking of a 32" Wall Mounted TV. So what TV did i choose? Well i chose a Sharp Aquos LC-37D42U.

Some Specs of the Sharp Aquos LC-37D42U:
Product Type: 37 in LCD TV
Series: Aquos
Digital Television Certification: HDTV
TV Tuner: 1x analog, 1x digital
Video Interface: HDMI, S-Video, Component, Composite
PC Interface: VGA (HD-15)
Dimensions: Without stand
Width: 35.9 in
Depth: 3.8 in
Height: 23.6 in
Weight: 43 lbs
Enclosure Color: Black
Diagonal Size: 37 in - Widescreen
Technology: TFT active matrix
Resolution: 1366 x 768
Speakers Included: 2 speakers
Output Power / Total: 20 Watt
Speaker(s): 2 x Right/left channel speaker - Built-in - 10 Watt

Where im going to buy:

Its a Refurbished Sharp Aquos 32". And its $749.95. And i don't care if there isn't any manuals, boxes, etc. Hell i don't want the boxes, id rather have no box then spend 5minutes of my life throwing a cardboard box out.
But sadly/good, the Factory Sealed Box IS included, manuals, and ALL NEW SUPPLIES+90 Manufacturer Warranty.

What do you think about this new TV? This is for an Xbox 360. I'll probably sell the 27" or still keep it for TV uses(since im pretty sure the cable cord wont go threw, so il just use the 32" for Gaming Purposes. It may sound as a waste of money but im fine with it. I get payed $20 an hour. And most of the money goes to my:
Snowboarding Equipment(already have board, but no mask. Hate it when i get snow in my eyes. Even if they are cheap, i didn't have the chance to buy one. I didn't have enough money that time.
Skateboarding-Some tournaments even give over $500 for 3rd place. I suck at it but at least im 3rd place+win $300~$500.
Gaming-Well i have to enjoy my life too =).

Review on TV?
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