New to x-box 360 just want to know somethings about mods.

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by petspaps, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Just wanted to know if i can softmod the x box without a mod chip. i have no desire whatsoever to get a mod chip but would like to know if there is an alternative.

    Im not sure what drive i have had i dont know how to check or anything.

    And also i have tried to set up an external to it but had no luck.
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    There are two types of mod chip for the 360
    1) Nand replacement chip like the cygnos- needs 360 on older kernel, see the other threads on 360 JTAG modding for more on that. It will not allow you to play copied discs although you can use USB and hard drives instead.

    2) Drive chips- only for older drives and we do not suggest them at all. The new "easy" liteon "chip" is pointless I would argue unless you are doing a lot of drives.

    The overwhelming majority of people modding the 360 will flash the DVD drive firmware of the 360. Many guides are available but the tutorial over at is a good start.
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    You will get banned for modding someday, even if you never play a copy. Just saying.
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    To clear something up, you can softmod a 360 with what is called the JTag exploit if the Kernel is 7xxx or below. There are Tut.'s on here if you need them. If you are above the 7xxx kernel I am not sure about Modchips, but there may be an alternative, but I am not sure on this.

    Banning is always a (very real) possibility when modding anything on the hardware/software side. If you go with the LT drive firmware flash, I would wait for some more positive confirmation just to err on the side of caution for a first time 360 modder. Anything else will most definitely get you banned sooner or later.
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    I have tested extensively the 1.6 Non Stealth Firmwares that were released about a month ago. No issues so far and they work on all drives on all Xbox360's and boot all wave games (exepting hit if you have a hitachi, then use i-extreme 1.51.) Do not bother iwth LT, MS will ban them anyway.........eventually.
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    i have a question. do u have to flash it in order to use a usb loader? and if so, will i still get banned for it?
  7. Maz7006

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    to use the USB loader you must first be running an older version of the kernal so you cnt go on live at all.

    So yeah.... a JTagged 360 is out of the question when it comes to live, so you basically wont have to be worried about being banned.
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    he never used the word xbox "360", so I'm guessing he means the original xbox. Just guessing.

    If so, PM I'll help you out. There are plenty of tutorials especially on llama.

    go to google and search for llamma and xbox.

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