New to this.. best card for DSi?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by SamJohnson, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Aug 2, 2010
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    I'm buying my brother a DSi for his birthday, but I refuse to pay the ridiculous game prices, so I'm picking up a flash card as well. However, I'm totally new to this, no idea about any of it. I'm looking for a card that runs both NDS + GBA games, supports cheats, compatible with Macs (I doubt that's really an issue, if they all use SD cards), saves the game to the card, and has a rather simple UI. The process of loading the ROMs on doesn't have to be super-easy, I'll be doing that, but the UI needs to be easy enough to understand for my brother, who is younger than I am. If you can, give me a run-down of how the card works, what the process is from getting the ROM from my computer onto the DS. Also, do I need to buy anything along with it (microSD card)? If I do need a microSD, which do you recommend? Thanks in advance for any input.

    Of course, I put it in the wrong section.. just saw "flashing hardware" and jumped for it. Sorry.
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    First off, this should be in the DS section, but since your new it's alright, just remember next time. I think you want the Supercard DS two, It pretty much delivers everything your looking for. I'd also recommend to buy it from shoptemp.
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    The Supercard DSTWO is the best there is, you can buy it from ShopTemp here.

    I personally would recommend a 8GB card for good price/value, but if you want to store all the games he is ever going to play, go with a 16GB card.
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    Yes, you will want the DSTwo in order to play GBA games, it's one of only three cards that can do it due to extra built-in hardware, and it's the one that does it best.

    You need a MicroSD card, yes. DS games range in size from 16 megs to 512 megs (though 32/64/128 is most common), so a 4/6/8 gig card should hold all you need. Simply drag and drop the .NDS rom onto the card in a folder of your choice, and it'll show up in the flash cart's menu in that folder for DS games, simply select it to run it.