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    My wife and I just bought a new DS lite to enjoy and I've got some questions I want to ask and I figure this would be the best place to ask.

    1) How many DS/DSL owners own screen protectors for their screens? Touch screen or Both?
    I'm interested in this only because I'm a picky person and with my PSP I imediately bought one, but the difference is that the DSL is a clamshell and the screens seem to be protected a bit more. I'm just worried about the Touch screen becoming worn out over time with the use of the stylus.

    2) Flash Carts: I'm looking into getting a G6 Lite. I figured this was the best flash cart for both DS and GBA. However, I'm not sure what path to take when it comes to getting a passcard 3 or just doing flashme. What would be the best route? The passcard seems ideal if you have the want to re-sale the DSL... but honestly I've yet to part with my GBA and SP so I don't think I'll be selling this one any time. Is that the ONLY downfall to Flashme?

    Thanks to all that answer, it's greatly apperciated.
  2. Sc4rFac3d

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    1) I also use a screenprotector only for my PSP. No need for it on the DS. screens don't seem worn out to me. I have it since launch date. [​IMG]

    2)You can un-flashme your DS, althought I've never tried it out. It seems safe. May be wrong there though. If I were you i'd just go with the Passcard. And G6 Lite seems perfect since you want both gba and ds games on it. [​IMG]
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    Better use a (high quality!) screen protector for the touchscreen. I didn't and my touchscreen doesn't look that great anymore...
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    I've never had screen protectors on my phat DS or DS lite and have never had any problems. If kids are playing the DS or your heavy handed, get some screen protectors. The DS lite isn't that straight forward to install flashme on as theirs more chance of bricking it if you don't insulate the tool. I've flashed my DS lite with flashme and don't fancy doing it again though I never had any problems.

    I've installed flashme on 3 phat DSs and its so easy to do, no chance of bricking it with touching the wrong thing like the lite. I only flashed the DS lite because I thought the Max Media Launcher I got was a load of rubbish and had no sleep mode, idea for installing flashme though. You should be ok if you get a passme 3 though and should have no reason to install flashme.
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    I don't use protection, lessens sensitivity, and I try not to poke too hard, and never let my kids play with it.
    Now on to your questions... [​IMG]
    I have a G6Lite and am quite happy with it. I bought a passcard 3, then flashed soon after. You have to have a passcard to flashme your DS anyway, so you don't have to decide on flashing right away. The downside is, once you're flashed, you're flashed, for the time being anyway. I've no regrets on flashing, it was a bit scary doing it, but with proper preperation, there's no danger in it.
  6. lexus-8

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    i wouldn't buy a screen protector because it's always protected. i bought mine in june and i have not one scratch. but if you are gonna buy one buy a hori one i hear there the best. [​IMG] hope this helps.
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    Please read my flashcart guide in my sig for everything flashcarts. It will give you everything you need to know about getting started and has comparisons and info on every flashcart released and coming soon.

    As for screen protectors I don't play my DS unless I get a Hori screen protector on there. Hori makes the best as any users can tell you and they work great. You can't even tell that they are on and it keeps your DS protected with no problems what-so-ever!


    FifthE1ement [​IMG]
  8. lexus-8

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    Aug 20, 2006
    i would listen to this guy. hes why i bought a supercard lite he knows what his talking about (thanx fithelement for the help appriciate it). [​IMG]
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    I have no screen protector, and wish I did buy one. There aren't enough scratches to affect gameplay or even look particularly ugly, but there are scratches and I don't like scratches. The touchscreen isn't as durable as something like a Palm and scratches pretty easily. I've been using a Palm Vx everyday for something like 5 years now (I read books on it), and it doesn't have a SINGLE scratch on it. So even if you play carefully, if you play any touchscreen heavy games you may end up getting scratches.

    As for flashcarts, if you want both DS and GBA then go for an M3 Lite or a G6 Lite, depending on if you want expandable storage or not. Also, if you already have a microSD card lying around or something, the M3L is quite a bit cheaper.