New to the hacking/homebrew scene, looking to make an educated buy

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by AlexTheRose, Nov 8, 2015.

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    I figure it's worth figuring out what's what with the flashcart scene before going and ignorantly buying a 3DS. First, I'll go over what I've already went and done.

    I have a DSi XL with 1.4.5U on it, and just bought a DS2 (possibly +, apparently there's rumours about some prototype boards lol) flashcart for it so I can play GBA/NDS games on it. Essentially I make ROM hacks and want to feel my games on real hardware like a lot of people play them, so I felt it was a must to go and get one of these and give VBA-M a break.

    I want to buy a 3DS XL since I don't have one yet, and would like to buy it second-hand and get old pre-9.2 firmware with my buy. I have some questions: How difficult would it be to find one of these, in the US? What's the most I should consider paying? To what extent will my DS2(+) work with a <9.2 3DS? I'm looking to do as much as humanly possible with the thing, and have some friends on IRC who will probably show me how to block Nintendo's update servers on my router.

    Some side questions: What is O3DS and N3DS, and how are they different? Did Nintendo ever manufacture GBC-style 3DSes? Any help is appreciated :)
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    How difficult would it be to find one of these in the US? All new in box 3DS XL will be Under 9.2 max being 8.1
    What's the most I should consider paying? 140 used / 180 New (retail)
    To what extent will my DS2(+) work with a <9.2 3DS? No issues at all if you want to play 3DS game look into using rxTools or simply use the gateway plugin (though it's super sketchy)

    Yay post 3000! :toot:
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    3k looks beautiful on you!

    Yea based on if you want n3ds or o3ds hers a price break down


    U - 40-60
    N - 60 - 80

    3ds non xl
    U - 50-80
    N - 90 -109

    3ds xl
    U - 100-140
    N - 125-160

    N3ds xl
    U - 160 - 250
    N - 180 - 300
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