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  1. Nex_WhatToDo

    Nex_WhatToDo Advanced Member

    Nov 4, 2004
    I waited a little bit before i decided to join the NDS scene and i have just bought my NDS Lite [​IMG]
    Now i know ill probably get shouted at too read the reviews and such but i have done so and still do not know which flashcard/passkey to choose

    I want value for money, compatability, a large capacity .... things like that

    also can anyone reccomend any good UK sellers?

    Yet again i know there is a list of shops but i have looked at them i was just wondering if anybody knew anymore?

    Thanks for your time
  2. Heinrisch

    Heinrisch GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 27, 2006

    I just bought a EZ4 Lite and a EZPass 3, I have a EZ3 since before and I know that they make quality products. The EZ4 lite fits nice inside the NDSL (sticks out 0.8 mm) and it usese a MicroSD for storage.
  3. ultim

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    May 23, 2003
    ive only ordered from them once and they were great.
  4. ron555

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    May 23, 2006
    G6 Lite is currently the best, no matter what anyone says.

    However, it certainly doesn't have the "large capacity" you want. It has 512MB, which most feel is enough room.

    If you want my recommendation, wait about 2 weeks to 1 month. We're going to be seeing the Supercard mini and the M3 Lite coming out real soon.

    What I bought last month was this:

    Supercard SD (I had a 1GB SD card already)
    Superkey (sold on eBay for more than I got it fore)
    $68 shipped from Winsunx - $35 I sold the superkey for = $33 for supercard.

    I flashed my NDS Lite and bought a $10 used game (Madden 05 or something).
    The Supercard SD works great, but is ugly as hell. I'm planning to wait until all of these companies duke it out and then get the best solution for a decent price. I'll sell my Supercard SD + compatible 1GB SD on eBay for a good price and make up some of the difference.

    That's my plan.

    Overall, I've spend:

    $117 shipped and no tax on the NDS Lite
    $10 Madden
    $68 - $35 = Supercard (sold superkey)
    $0 - Flashed NDS Lite w/ v7

    I'd say this is about the most budget setup you can find. [​IMG]
  5. Nex_WhatToDo

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    Nov 4, 2004
    Thanks very much for your help [​IMG] i think the best idea for me right now would be to go for a cheap option,
    like the supercard.... that is until the flashcart battle has drawn out a bit more and the cards are superior than todays current cards!

    I remember when i had my GBA and i had a 256mb f2a card it was sooo good when i first got it but towards the slowdown of the GBA scene (i know it hasnt stopped yet! lol) i wished i had waited because some of the later games (KH for example) took up basically all of my card :S

    So does buying the supercard for now and waiting sound the best option to everyone else as well?
  6. Mike83

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    Jul 8, 2006
    St. Helens, England

    Once I get paid this week I am ordering myself an EZ4 Lite from there, along with the MK4-Key.

    Nice to know someone here has used the site and has good things to say about it [​IMG]
  7. Rayout

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    Jul 16, 2006
    United States

    Myself and 2 other family members ordered supercards and superkeys from them. All worked fine.

    The one family member that ordered a sd card from them has reading issues sometimes, so don't order a SD card from them, it was some off brand haha. Newegg is much better for that kind of thing.

    Just order the superkey and whatever card you want from em, great stuff.