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    Oct 20, 2015
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    So I am a bit behind the times and am just now getting a psp. Bought a used 1001. Problem is it freezes during the main menu and when I try a game(currently just copied FF7 from my ps3). Now I am in no way a tech person so if anyone can help then full explanations rather than abbreviated posts would help a lot. I found this list of questions from another forum that was dead in the psp area so here is to hoping this one is fairly active.
    1. What is your PSP's Model?
    Model is 1001

    2. What is your update version? (Be sure to state if it is CFW or OFW.)
    As far as I can tell it is OFW and 6.60

    3. How long have you had it?
    A day

    4. How long ago did it start freeze?
    Soon after getting it

    5. How it freezes: (choose one)
    a. Does it freeze and then turn off in about 5-10 seconds?
    b. Does it freeze and stay frozen unless you take the batt. out?
    c. You don't know.
    d. Other: please explain.
    Answer would be A

    6. When it freezes: (choose one)
    a. Does it freeze when you first turn it on?
    b. Does it freeze only while in a game(if so, which game)?
    c. Does it seem to freeze randomly at any time, while in-game or anywhere?
    d. You don't know.
    e. Other: please explain.
    Answer is C, longest without freezing is about 5 minutes.

    OPTIONAL:This part is if it is a hardware issue, if you are not sure you can/want to take apart your PSP unit, then skip numbers 7 and 8.

    7. Have you taken your PSP system apart before?
    Never have messed with a psp until now.

    8. If so, are you familiar with the inside of your PSP unit?
    MORE OPTIONAL:If for any reason I cannot help you (slim/phat chance[​IMG]) or if you do not wish to follow my solution, I'd also like a little bit more info to refer you to a repair facility:

    9. Did you buy/obtain your PSP new or used?

    10. Is your warranty still valid?
    I would highly doubt it.

    11. Is the serial number still on the bottom of your PSP(don't state it, just say if it's there)?
    Serial number is indeed there.

    12. Is there still a semi-long, skinny sticker at the lower part of your PSP's battery compartment under the larger sticker?
    The "Warranty Void If Seal Damaged" sticker is there still.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it I'd appreciate the time.
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