1. Dcol8

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    Aug 16, 2019
    (Sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language)

    Hi everyone,

    I open a new thread because I find mostly discussions and guides for the PSV and his storage structure and not for PS TV and searches haven't helped me.

    I just bought a PS TV without a memory card. I installed Henkaku ENSO and the basic plugins just to see if everything worked properly.

    Now, before continuing any further, I have to decide whether to opt for a USB Drive or use an SD2Vita. At first I was convinced of using the USB drive but actually I thought that the USB port would be more convenient for me to be able to connect the controller for charging, connect future gamepads, etc. As against SD2VITA, from what I could read it is very fragile and more subject to reading errors.

    At this point I ask you for advice, asking you if the procedure for the two choices is also right. (The lines with ??? are those where I am uncertain)

    1. USB Storage + USBMC
      1. Format in exFat 32/64kb
      2. Install Usbmc on PS TV
      3. ??? I need to open again usbmc and install the USB Drive as a memory card ???
    1. SD2VITA + StorageMgr
      1. Download zzblank.img and write it on Microsd (formatted in exFat 32/64kb)
      2. Make a backup of all ux0 (or INT???)
      3. Install StorageMgr with this storage_config.txt:
        1. ??? MCD=uma0 (or removed because I have no MC) ???
        2. INT=imc0
        3. GCD=ux0
        4. ???UMA=grw0 or UMA=uma0 (so I can use in the future an external USB Drive?) ???
      4. Copy the backup on microsd
      5. Put SD2Vita inside PS TV
    And then the noob’s questions:

    1. In order to install the PSP and PSX backups on the SD2VITA, I just need to open the Adrenaline configuration menu and select SD2VITA (ux0) as the location to load things from?

    2. In case of a random reboot or wrong loading / mounting from SD2VITA or if the adapter or microsd dies, I will still have access to the custom firmware, Vitashell etc.? In case there is a way to avoid losing everything and save the CFW (I read about a H-encore bubble to backup with QCMA)?

    Thanks a lot
  2. dragonz

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    Jan 14, 2015
    United States
    For the USB solution I use this behind the PSVITA TV ..it allows me to plug the a 256 GB usb storage drive and I can still sync nd charge two controllers.


    I will post my set up in a few minutes....

    # This file is used as an alternative if ux0:tai/config.txt is not found.
    # For users plugins, you must refresh taiHEN from HENkaku Settings for
    # changes to take place.
    # For kernel plugins, you must reboot for changes to take place.


    # henkaku.skprx is hard-coded to load and is not listed here
    # main is a special titleid for SceShell

    # this is for modifying the version string

    # this is for modifying the version string in settings widget

    (I have this config set up in both uro and uxo folders)

    The guide I originally used was this


    make sure to click on the spoiler links to see the content you are looking for.
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  3. Vinceherman

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    Feb 9, 2018
    United Kingdom
    best PSTV setup in my opinion is; SD2Vita set as ux0 for Vita games, with USB drive in a 4 port usb hub set as uma0 for PS1/PSP games
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