New To Hacking 3DS. Need Help/Advice but definitely NOT a noob at modding consoles.

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    Hey, I'm Mike and I recently bought a NEW 3DS XL. I have prior history in console modding, I have flashed Xbox 360 DVD Drives with custom firmware, I have softmodded original Xboxes to run emaulators, run backups, and mod Halo 2 Online .map files to have fun in custom games. I have modded PSPs and much more, but I am new to 3ds modding and need a little help.

    So basically, I do NOT have the cubic ninja game, so I can't mod the latest firmware, so I have not used my 3ds online yet. I currently have firmware Ver. 11.2.0-35U. How would I go about getting cfw and the homebrew launcher? And how would I get the system online after? I am especially interested in getting Freshop, being able to mod Animal Crossing New Leaf, and a few other basic things. So what is the best way to mod this firmware? I was thinking of using soundhax. Then after I mod it, how do I update to the latest firmware without loosing the cfw, homebrew launcher, etc. and getting online privileges? Thanks in advance!
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    Portugal explains the various available options for each model and each firmware. Start there, and ask any questions here.
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