New to GBA Emulation here ... couple of questions

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    Hello everyone.

    So I've been recently fiddling around with an ezfIV that I got about a month ago and it took me a bit of getting up to speed with all the reset tricks and latest firmware and how everything works, but I managed to get nes, gb, gbc, gba, and sms games working to my advantage and now I'm finally having lots of fun on days where I just can't seem to fall asleep because of my imsomniac habits. lol

    A couple few questions...

    Is there a good music player app for the gba sp that doesn't involve formatting stuff from mp3 to another format...I even tried emulating the Nintendo MP3 Player rom on ezfIV and it was successful in loading up, but of course gave me an error because there's no duping the emulated app to work with sdhc cards. If there's a way please enlighten me. So yeah, I'm looking for a good music player app (hopefully mp3) that doesn't require going through more formatting.

    Second, can you guys and gals be pals and post a short list of at least 5 of your ultimate best homebrew apps/games and where I could get a hold of them? Its a shame pocketheaven and other sites have been dead for a while and most links to gba homebrew stuff take me to 404 pages. :/

    So yeah, not asking for much. Just some quick help with good references so I can extend the playtime on this little sucker which is probably by far my favorite handheld of all time even with its old tech.

    Btw I also want to share that my gameboy advance SP went through some changes recently and it is now encased inside an original gameboy shell courtesy of Hairo Satoh (Retro Hai on facebook)

    Thanks in advance everyone and make it a great night. ;)
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    Audio player. Nope. The DS could not even run MP3 on its ARM7 core which was a lot faster than the GBA's (why you can play MP3s on the DS but need lesser formats if you are playing back video at the same time).
    For my money you can barely get audio players worth the effort, your choices for acceptable audio mainly being tepple's GSM player if you can find it and the audio advance stuff from neimod and neither will hold a lot of audio, where the DS had a few things which would do (moonshell would have a library of MP3s playing just fine, even with a nice shuffle function). You can do slightly better if you like tracker music (MOD and XM and the like) but not much,
    The Nintendo thing was the play yan and was its own hardware rather than just another game so I would not even hold my breath for a patch some day.
    This is a pity as the SP is a lovely form factor and I would love to stick it in my bag and go with it.

    Second question, well you are on a website that has a fondness for the GBA
    Most GBA homebrew should be mirrored on and GBAtemp's download site