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    This may belong in the original topic and it would likely recieve more attention at a French language site but what the hey.

    Following my intial attempt I ended up getting in contact with Onodream who helped correct the mistakes in my French.

    So here it is the second release of NSMB French translation. This version features the areformentioned better French and fixes some issues with text wrapping, there is still more to come and if anyone wants to create a translation I have provided all the data I have right now and here is my excel spreadsheet that I used if for some reason you want it:
    Directory for the excel file It is called NSMBtrans.xls
    If you translate the data to another language but just need some assistance with a hex editor I will be happy to help.

    Share it/host it/modify it if you want I do not mind, grab it on my site, the site I use has it in directory format so you will want the file.

    To apply the patch you will need either NDSTS if you feel like a long winded method or xdelta if you want a less involved method:
    XDelta download page

    Using xdelta, a patch and the following batch file you can also get a translation
    The patch (it is in a zip with the three IPS files from the old method): You want the file called
    The batch code (included in the NFO file):
    rename *.nds NSMB.nds
    xdelta patch TRANS2.patch NSMB.nds NSMBfre.nds
    Have the patch from the zip (do not rename it), the batch file,xdelta and NSMB (psyfer release, name of rom does not matter) in a blank directory. Run the batch file and in a few seconds you will have a file called NSMBfre.nds pop up. This is what you burn to your cart (after patching with your carts patcher if necessary).

    I tested it on an EZ4 and it works fine.

    Long winded IPS method

    Make sure you have a backup of the rom before doing this.

    You will need NDSTS:

    You will need an IPS patcher, I use GBATA available from the link above but has a bunch more.

    Included in the zip are 3 .ips files.
    First extract the three .bmg files from the rom with either NDSTool or NDSTS (they are in the script directory)
    Patch the course.bmg file with coursefre.ips, the data.bmg file with datafre.ips and game.bmg with gamefre.ips
    Import the files back into the rom using NDSTS.
    Run the rom through your patcher of choice and play.
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    No offence but I'm sure the effort you put into this will be appreciated by French gamers but, this doesn't come across as one of those games where you have to bust a dictionary out in the first place?
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    I think the French question mark looks different so this is a very important translation!
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    I agree this is a fairly pointless exercise especially with an Eu and presumably a French localisation about 3 weeks away.
    I just wanted to show it could be done with relative ease so hopefully someone would go and get one done in a language that will probably not see a localisation. It is just that French is the only language that can use ASCII code that I know unless of course people want a Latin translation.

    @cruddybuddy what are you talking about ؟
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    Show a picture ? It would be nice. Curious. [​IMG]
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    You'd think that it wouldn't be too hard for someone who's been around here for 8 years to understand that a project that hasn't been posted in for 4 years, which got dug up by some stupid guy, is most probably dead.
    Ok, got my daily flame in [​IMG]
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    Err- the links in the intial post have been working pretty much since my lycos site got taken out (or at least DarkKiller posted- "This post has been edited by FAST6191: Jun 22 2006, 10:25 PM") and I moved to 4shared.
    Bonus points- if you want a Dutch translation there is a folder called Dutch translation with an excel file in there. I did make a proper version once but never got around to making a patch.

    PS skipscreen seems to have problems as my mini DOS just demonstrated.

    Unless it was for some warped sense of history there has been a French version out for ages now and the squashed translation I stuck in there is not much use (while I just about understood pointers I believe this was a game that did not agree with being rebuilt by ndstool and I had no real desire to expand the file system manually- as it stands this was done with NDSTS).

    The BMG format the text used (Animal crossing was another and seemingly a minor variation in a lot of wii games) has been documented elsewhere if memory serves (not that simple I think relative pointers and unicode with 0a as new line is that troubling).