New Super Mario Bros. Wii (NTSC)

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by FiveseveN, Dec 29, 2009.

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    wiird code database, nothing spectacular, but transformation code is cool, press minus to change powerups and press b to enable star/yoshi. be careful where you bring yoshi. yoshi cant climb vines, and he cant leave a boss battle.
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    Here's all of them I'd come across:

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii [SMNE01]

    99 Lives On Death (all players) [hetoan2]:
    04060668 38000063

    Always Have Item [hetoan2]:
    0554CCE4 0000000X

    Stage Select Item [hetoan2]:
    04354E70 0000000X

    Power Up Costume Changer (A button) [hetoan2]:
    28C69D06 F7FF0800
    0554C894 0000000X
    E0000000 80008000

    All Upgrades give... [hetoan2]:
    C2145B20 00000002
    3BE0000X 93FE14E0
    60000000 00000000

    Have Star Power To start all levels [hetoan2]:
    04354E80 00000001

    Mario Size Modifier [hetoan2]:
    04370DB8 XXXXXXXX

    For the Size Modifier Use Floating point values. Usually it works although in rare cases it wont :\

    For The Item and costume codes replace X with any value from 0-6.

    0 = regular mario
    1 = super mario
    2 = fire flower mario
    3 = mini mario
    4 = propeller-suit mario
    5 = penguin-suit mario
    6 = ice flower mario

    Exit on Unfinished Level [Thomas83lin]
    040CE3D0 3800006C
    *level stays black after you beat it but lets you move on to the next level, and once you save then later start the game again without the code the levels go to there normal blue color so i don't really see that as a problem*

    Change Quick Save to Regular Save Option [Thomas83lin]
    0492FD00 38000002
    *Now works on all Save Slots and doesn't alter your save in any way*

    Full Invincibility All Players [Thomas83lin]
    04146078 38001078
    *Not fully tested with player 3 and 4 But should work fine i have no way to fully test this myself Thanks*

    Green Yoshi's Color Modifier [Thomas83lin]
    077F92DC 00000008
    XXXXXxxx 00003BE0

    * Blue 3FB79FB0
    Red 3FB781C0
    Yellow 3FB790B8 *

    Always Have 99 Lives (Mario) - No Hat [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E90 00000063

    Always Have 98 Lives (Mario) - Keeps Hat [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E90 00000062
    *Do not use with the "No Hat" version and vice-versa

    Always Have 98 Lives (Luigi) [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E94 00000062

    Always Have 98 Lives (Blue Toad) [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E98 00000062

    Always Have 98 Lives (Yellow Toad) [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E9C 00000062

    P1 Character Mod [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E60 0000000X

    P2 Character Mod [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E64 0000000X

    P3 Character Mod [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E68 0000000X

    P4 Character Mod [Jose_Gallardo]
    04354E6C 0000000X
    0 = Mario, 1 = Luigi, 2 = Blue Toad, 3 = Yellow Toad

    Infinite Fire/Ice Bullets All Players [hetoan2]:
    06375AA8 00000020
    06375540 00000020

    Coins always at 99 [SirPalax]
    26354EA0 00000063
    04354EA0 00000063
    E0000000 80008000
    Every time we take a coin the score climbs to 100, gives us a new life and goes to 99.

    Timer frozen [mdmwii]
    040E39C8 3C0001F4

    MoonJump [thomas83lin & mdmwii]
    283A1ACA 01FF0400
    0554B8F0 40000000
    E0000000 80008000
    283A1ACA 01FF0600
    0554B8F0 40000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *hold b to lift up*
    *WiiMote Only*

    Partial Invincibility [thomas83lin]
    04145B20 60000000

    Full Invincibility P1 [thomas83lin]
    0554C878 00000022

    All Items 99& Save [SirPalax]
    04C7FE68 00636363
    04C7FE6C 63636363

    All Worlds & Levels\Secret Routes Unlocked\All Stars\All hint movies [thomas83lin]
    08C7FECC 000000FF
    21600004 00000000
    08C8055C 01010101
    20100004 00000000
    04C7FE90 00000101
    04C7FE94 01010101
    04C7FE98 01010100
    04C7FE60 0E00FE00
    0553E514 00008D87
    *Only Save Slot 1*

    All Worlds Unlocked [thomas83lin]
    04C7FE90 00000101
    04C7FE94 01010101
    04C7FE98 01010100
    *Only Save Slot 1*

    All Hint Movies Bought [thomas83lin]
    08C8055C 01010101
    20100004 00000000
    *Only Save Slot1*

    Transformation [T83LIN\SirPalax\g6flavor]
    20C69D08 00001000
    82210001 0154CCE4
    86000001 00000001
    84210001 0154CCE4
    2554CCE4 00000006
    0554CCE4 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    20C69D08 00000400
    CC000000 00000000
    0554C874 00000030
    E0000000 80008000
    2154C874 00000030
    04354E80 00000002
    E0000000 80008000
    *Single Player Only*
    *Press - to Change Suit*
    *Press B to enable Star Power\Yoshi*
    *Yoshi only appears on Screen Refresh When Star Power is enabled*
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    Thanks you guys! Moon Jump is so much fun haha! I don't think I have ever had this much fun playing a Mario game before. The one thing I think they missed was Giant Mario :/ I saw mini/tiny Mario, but no Giant Mario like on DS.
  5. DarkenSX

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    i have black screen issue with inf fire/ice balls code game wont load in neo gamma r7 any help?
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