new super mario bros incompatibility?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by tylerzentz, Jan 21, 2010.

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    i just burnt new super mario bros to a sony brand dvd-r (they work great, i used them for about 15 other games) and i burnt it at 8x because the disk says it can go up to 16x (ive read that burning at half the max speed is the best). i tried playing it with neogamma r8 beta15 using waninkoko's cIOS38 rev14 and i get past the health screen and then it says the disk cant be read. are there any incompatability issues that im not aware of?
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    Two problems:

    1. You should always burn your discs at one of the slowest available speed unless you enjoy bad burns. 2x or so seems to work perfectly for most people.

    2. NSMB introduced the BCA anti-piracy check, making disc loading of 1:1 copies impossible. Consult the first page of the massive NSMB thread for details on how to get it working. Most new USB Loaders can run the game fine. Disc softmod users (that's you) need to patch the game per the instructions on the page, or find a pre-fixed release.
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    Use the new neogamma R8 RC1 and cIOS rev17