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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by metalwii, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Jul 23, 2010
    I have the clean ISO of the new Super Mario bros game for wii. But i need to patch the ios version so my wii and run the game. My wiis firmware is 3.1 and it has a mod chip (wiikey 1) and i got the update for the mod chip to 1.99beta(you are able to run the games with this)so the mod chip is able to play the game. I am not allowed to have internet connection on my wii therefore i cant use home-brew channel. So basically i download the isos and patch them using ISO patcher then remove the update using wii brick blocker then i burnt he iso file and play the game. But when i put the game in the ISO patcher it says ERROR: Couldn't get ISO information. So I renamed the file so the file has less then 8 characters but it still gives me the same error. On this post Cyan writes

    "IOS patcher returns the same error to me too.
    So, if you want to patch the needed IOS :
    1 - use Wiiscrubber, and extract the partition1/partition.bin/tmd.bin (not the main.dol) (Trucha can't replace tmd.bin)
    hexedit the tmd.bin, and replace offset 395 (or search for 0000000100000035) from 35 to 24 (IOS36), save and replace it in the iso."

    That is for the A Boy and His Blob game. But what do i need to do to patch New Super Mario Bros? please help!!

    Also can someone tell me how do you use the Ap fix for New super Mario Bros.

    Thank you for your help and time you put in to replay to this post(Advanced thanks)
    Oh if you could put picture of how you use the Ap fix or how to patch IOS version using wiiscrubber it will be greatly apprenticed. And is there any other program which lets you patch New Super Mario Bros games IOS version and works ? Please help i really want to play this game...
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    um 1st you don't need an internet connection to use the hbc. and 2nd why not just use a usb loader it will load the game straight away NO patches needed!
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    You can have the homebrew channel and I think you really need it cause for some games, the NeoGamma launcher is mandatory, altho not really sure cause I don't have a modchip, and if you have priiloader installed you wont need to patch your games never again, cause it will pass the update partition automatically, but you will need a loader to change the IOS for the game to be run under, altho is waaaaaaaayy easier than patch the iso before burning, you can even have a channel forwarder to the app so you just begin the channel as if it were the disc other words, at this point in life is better and safer to install the HBC on your Wii...!! [​IMG]